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A DOS command editor with history recall that uses EMS or disk for overlays, uses only 1k of DOS memory.
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A DOS command editor with history recall that uses EMS or disk for overlays, uses only 1k of DOS memory.
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ANARKED.DOC 18716 5644 deflated
ANARKED.EXE 37853 20687 deflated
ANARKEY.COM 13328 8896 deflated
ANARKEY.DOC 146397 39345 deflated
ANARKEY.SUM 2396 732 deflated
ANARKMD.DOC 12693 3623 deflated
ANARKMD.EXE 14969 9540 deflated
CONVERT.DOC 10719 3335 deflated
CONVERT.EXE 13253 8417 deflated
CREDIT.CRD 3191 1141 deflated
FASTART.DOC 16484 5004 deflated
LICENSE 4959 2000 deflated
LOAD.DOC 9349 3007 deflated
LOAD.EXE 17241 10822 deflated
ORDERFRM 2258 741 deflated
READ.ME 3871 1403 deflated
UPDATE.DOC 26613 8325 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Welcome to ANARKEY 3.00!

ANARKEY is a command-line editor that will significantly reduce the
number of keystrokes you make when entering DOS commands. ANARKEY provides
one of the most powerful, compact and flexible command-line environments
available on a DOS machine.

Instructions on using ANARKEY can be found in the various User Manuals
supplied in the distribution package. You should have received the
following files:

FASTART.DOC -- Quick-Start Tutorial
ANARKEY.SUM -- Summary of ANARKEY keystrokes and functions

ANARKED.EXE -- The ANARKEY Keystroke Editor

ANARKMD.EXE -- The ANARKEY Command-Line Utility

CONVERT.EXE -- The ANARKEY AKA Conversion Utility

LOAD.DOC -- LOAD User Manual

LICENSE -- ANARKEY license and warranty agreement
UPDATE.DOC -- Summary of changes from version 2.00

CREDIT.CRD -- Information on registering by credit card
ORDERFRM -- Registration form

READ.ME -- This file

New users of ANARKEY should begin by reading the "ANARKEY Quick-Start
Tutorial" in the file FASTART.DOC. This will get you using ANARKEY in
minutes. After the Quick-Start Tutorial, you can advance to the "ANARKEY
User Manual" in the file ANARKEY.DOC.

Current ANARKEY users will find that starting with the UPDATE.DOC file
will get you up to speed on this new release quicker.

All users should read the LICENSE file! This file contains the ANARKEY
license and warranty agreement you agree to abide by when using or
distributing the ANARKEY software package.

The ANARKEY software package is distributed as shareware. The
unregistered version is for evaluation purposes only. It contains a sign-on
procedure which requests user input to complete its installation process.
These input requests act as a reminder that the current version is for
evaluation purposes only.

You may use the evaluation copy of ANARKEY for 30 days. If you find
ANARKEY to be a useful tool and wish to continue using it beyond the 30-day
evaluation period, you must register your copy with Moderne Software.

To register ANARKEY, simply fill out the form contained in the ORDERFRM
file and mail it to the address indicated on the form. Upon receipt of your
registration, Moderne Software will send you a registered version of
ANARKEY. The registered version will not contain the input requests found
in the evaluation copy.

Registration also entitles you to technical support and future updates at
a minimal price.

I hope you find ANARKEY to be a vital part of your computer environment.


Please send all registration forms, comments and suggestions to:

Steven Calwas
Moderne Software
P.O. Box 3638
Santa Clara, CA 95055-3638

____|__ | (tm)
--| | |-------------------
| ____|__ | Association of
| | |_| Shareware
|__| o | Professionals
-----| | |---------------------
|___|___| MEMBER

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