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Increase DOS memory to 704k (works with some memory boards).
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Increase DOS memory to 704k (works with some memory boards).
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Contents of the 704K.DOC file

704K by Alpha Computer Service

To use this program, simply add as the FIRST PROGRAM ENTRY in your AUTOEXEC.BAT
file 704K. This is necessary to insure that the interrupt vectors are
still intact. An example of its usage is as follows:


This program is intended to be used with an IBM-PC,XT, or AT with 704K
of memory installed in the system. If you are running with a PC, be
sure that the memory switches are set for 640K.

The program operates as follows:

1) Verification that the diagnostic loader found 640K of memory
2) Verification that 704K is actually installed in the system
3) Write data to the upper 64K
4) Reboot

The assembly source is available for a $15.00 donation.

Alpha Computer Service
P.O. Box 2517
Cypress, Ca 90630


This program is supplied AS IS. Alpha Computer Service assumes absolutely

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