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Frontend for 386MAX tables.
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Frontend for 386MAX tables.
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Contents of the MAXMENU.DOC file


by Peter Strisik
Compuserve 76556,2651

A Menu for the
386MAX and the 386MAX Professional
System Information Display Utilities


386MAX and 386MAX Professional
are copyrighted programs of Qualitas, Inc.


MAXMENU is a front-end menu program for the utilities supplied with
386MAX and 386MAX Professional which are products of Qualitas, Inc.
You must have one of these products for this program to operate or
to be useful.

386MAX is supplied with utilities which display various tables of
information about your system memory. Display of these tables
requires command line calls of up to three different programs
(depending on which version of 386MAX you have) each requiring
various parameters. If you are more menu oriented than command-line
oriented (like me), you will probably appreciate this program.

In addition to providing a list of tables to choose from, MAXMENU
offers a choice for redirection of output.


Installation & Execution

The most logical place to keep MAXMENU is in your 386MAX directory.
Once executed, it will require access to 386MAX.COM and, if you have
the professional version, 386LOAD.COM and 386DDD.COM. If you execute
from this directory, all will work fine. If you want to keep it on
you path, you will have to do one of two things:

1) You can use the 386MAX drive and directory as MAXMENU parameters.
For example, if 386MAX is kept in C:\386MAX, the following would
be used:

The space between the drive and directory must be preserved.

2) You could write a batch file that would execute MAXMENU with the
386MAX drive and directory as parameters. This batch program
could be executed from anywhere in your system if you place it
on your path. For example, you might call the batch program
SCREENS.BAT and include the following:

@echo off

You can bypass the opening screen by executing MAXMENU with the /x


You can combine drive and directory parameters with the switch as


Again, spaces must be preserved.

You can get simple help with the /h or /? switch. It must be the
only switch specified.



Operation is self-explanatory (the nature of menus). Simply execute
MAXMENU and make menu choices. It will first ask for your desired
output destination. Choose Screen, File or Printer.

Screen will display the chosen table as the 386MAX utilities were
designed to do.

File will send output to MAXMENU.TXT which will be located in the
current directory. Tables are appended to this file. You will
have the option of erasing the existing MAXMENU.TXT file before
continuing. If you never choose to erase the file, it will
continue to accumulate tables written to it.

If printed, each table will occupy its own page. You will be
prompted to insure that your printer is ready.

The Egoware concept

As a psychologist, I appreciate the motivating properties of
positive reinforcement (warm fuzzies if there are any TA people out
there). I ask no monetary renumeration for this work. I would
appreciate a pat on the back by Compuserve EPlex if you like it.
This is my first programming effort and am proud of it despite its
simplicity and modest ambition.

Technical Info

MAXMENU was written in an enhanced batch language and compiled using
BATCOM by Wenham Software.


The MAXMENU software and documentation are Copyright (c) 1989 by
Peter Strisik. It is free to all who wish to use it. You may not,
however, distribute this program in exchange for money whether this
be by fee, donation, barter or other means. Neither may you
distribute the software and/or documentation with commercial
products without prior permission. Also note that the Qualitas
programs are not free and cannot be distributed as such with MAXMENU.

No copy of the software may be distributed or given away without
this document and this notice must not be removed.

There is no warranty of any kind, and the author is not liable for
damages of any kind. By using this free software, you agree to
these terms.

MAXMENU has been tested on one computer- a Northgate 386/20 running
MSDOS 3.3. I know of no reason for incompatibilities with other
systems, but you never know.


386MAX, 386MAX Professional, 386MAX.COM, 386LOAD.COM, and 386DDD.COM
are all copyrighted products of:

Qualitas, Inc.
7101 Wisconsin Ave.
Bethesda, MD 20814
(301) 907-6700

BATCOM is a product of:

Wenham Software
5 Burley Street
Wenham, MA 01984
(508) 774-7036

Thanks to all of the software authors who have made countless
utilities available free of charge or on a shareware basis. I'm
glad I can give something back, however small.

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