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A variety of useful patches for LIST75x.
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A variety of useful patches for LIST75x.
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COLORJER.PAT 176 112 deflated
COLORORG.PAT 176 112 deflated
COMMONE.PAT 88 87 deflated
COMMTWO.PAT 88 87 deflated
DIALPULS.PAT 84 82 deflated
DIALTONE.PAT 83 81 deflated
PATCH.V75 1597 854 deflated
PATCH3.V75 1245 707 deflated
PATCH5.V75 1471 757 deflated
PATCH6.V75 1152 645 deflated
PATCH74A.ZIP 1857 1744 deflated
README.1ST 3420 1331 deflated
README.2ND 640 386 deflated
README.3RD 632 381 deflated
TABLE.V75 14998 2968 deflated
VERNSPAT.ZIP 555 440 deflated
XALTX.PAT 107 95 deflated
XNORMAL.PAT 122 107 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

For some reason or other, I have become the "guru" in our local area
for figuring out patches for new versions of LIST by Vern Buerg.

The only reason I got into this was because I had to change my own
LIST to COMM 2 when the dialer was first introduced into LIST, and
made the mistake (grin) of uploading a message to my BBS about it.

To help me figure one patch found herein for new versions of LIST,
I built the TABLE.V75 file, which is nothing more than a list of the
WHAT table. When a new version comes out, I locate and adjust the
debug address column, and walla, the X to alt-X patches jump right out!

I must WARN you carefully: there may be errors in my TABLE.V75. I did
check the beginning and ending addresses, and also the locations for
the X vs alt-X switching, but not much more. It should be OK, as the
WHAT table is nothing more than pointers to the WHERE table, but
do check LIST.COM before you use the table for other patches.

I do think LIST is the greatest utility around. If you are using
these patches, I presume you like LIST too. Be sure to send Vern
a donation for his efforts! He deserves it.

The following notes are included herein:

PATCH.V75 1597 9-01-90 How to patch LIST PLUS 7.5a for
COMM 2 and / or PULSE dialing.
see also:

COMMONE.PAT 88 9-01-90 a debug script for LIST PLUS 7.5
COMMTWO.PAT 88 9-01-90 a debug script for LIST PLUS 7.5
DIALPULS.PAT 84 9-01-90 a debug script for LIST PLUS 7.5
DIALTONE.PAT 83 9-01-90 a debug script for LIST PLUS 7.5

PATCH5.V75 1471 9-01-90 How to switch the X and alt-X exits
in LIST PLUS 7.5a
see also:

XALTX.PAT 107 9-01-90 a debug script for LIST PLUS 7.5
XNORMAL.PAT 122 9-01-90 a debug script for LIST PLUS 7.5

PATCH3.V75 1245 9-01-90 Using a [P]CED synonym with the dialer
in LIST 7.5a

PATCH6.V75 1152 9-01-90 Using LIST with SSCAN in Directory Freedom.
to browse the ASCII inside of executables.

TABLE.V75 14998 9-01-90 A list of the WHAT table in LIST PLUS 7.5a

To use any of the .PAT files, just get yourself into a directory with
a copy of LIST.COM and the .PAT file. Then type
DEBUG < ladeda.PAT
where ladeda is the name of the .PAT file of choice.

I am not responsible for any mistakes made by you, Vern, or myself!
So use this file with care. Be sure you have a copy of LIST before you
start. And remember, this is for the PLUS version only of LIST 7.5a.
Page 49 of LIST.DOC has a very good discussion of configuring LIST.COM
written by Vern. He has also included the WHERE table!!

You can yell at Ben Rees who prompted me to put these all into one file,
or you can call "The Cricket BBS" at 408-373-3773 and yell at me.
I sysop there....

Again, thanks to Vern Buerg for LIST.

Jim Robeson

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