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Configure all users colors for Telegard 2.7.
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Configure all users colors for Telegard 2.7.
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Contents of the COLCU.DOC file

Color Changing Utility version 1.01 -- 03/08/92
(c) Copyright 1992 - by Scott M. Malin - All Rights Reserved.

This program rewrites the User.Lst this is your all your User's
information for your Telegard system. Untill you're satisfied with the
operation of my program please back it up!!! You have been warned.

What does it do?
This program does the same thing as the Glocolor (Global Color changer)
but using the Telegard 2.7 data structurest the activity he was getting there.

Command line parameters?
Color Changing Utility requires one parameter, the user number of the
user whose colors you want to impose on all the users. If the number is
5 then User #5's color setup will be applied to all your current user's
accounts. Of note, new users will have their colors set to the default
setup you've defined. If you run COLCU but your defaults are not changed
new users will have their's set to the default when they initially log

Trying it out.
As with any such utility you should try to check it out before you use
it on your Vital data files. I recommend you take your User.Lst and copy
it to a temp directory before you use these programs. If you think I'm
being repetitive with all these warnings ... you're right, this is the
most all your user's information, loosing it might be bad. I've taken
all precautions to insure there is no damage, but the final precaution
is in your hands. Also the program only writes a Temporary Data file
till the very end so even if you lose power when it's halfway through
processing the original User.Lst file will remain intact.

Program history
Version 1.00 - Standard release.
Version 1.01 - Fixes counter display problem. Version 1.00 worked but I
can't stand having the display read wrong so this version
fixes it.

That ol' legal stuff.
As said in every Telegard utility. This programs is released without any
warranty at all. It works for me but if they don't work for you ...
well, you know how to delete it. I cannot imagine any conditions where
this program could damage your User.Lst file but if you don't back it up
before trying it you have nobody to blame but yourself!

How much does it cost?
It's a freebie. I'd like a low-priority Netmail saying you like this
program (if you DO actually like it) but it's not required. It does make
me feel good about writing such utilities though (are you feeling guilty
yet? )

Thanks go to ...
Eric Oman for comming up with the concept of Glocolor in the first
place and to Mark Terrace for suggesting I write a version for the
current version of Telegard.

The Source code? Forget it!

What the Hell have I written?
Only a few little programs but what the heck here they are.

Filename: Randans (Written with Paul Monaco)
Archive: R-ANS201.ZIP
Size: 34,537
What's it do?: Shuffles Files of any type. Telegard allows us to use 10
random ANSI screens but let's say you want to shuffle more than 10? Or
maybe you want to randomize the Ascii files? Or the Blue Wave intro
files? Or the Logon.Msg file? The possibilities are only limited your

Filename: Zlogger
Size: 11,588
What's it do?: Creates an Ascii output of the Zlog.Dat file exactly like
Telegard displays it. Can be set to only display a given amount of days.
For Telegard 2.5i

Filename: Zlogger
Size: 11,588
What's it do?: Basically the same program as Zlogger version 1.00 but
recompiled with the Telegard 2.7 data structures

Filename: Zshrnk
Archive: Zshrnk10.Zip
Size: 8,264
What's it do?: Cuts down the size of the Zlog.Dat file to a given number
of entries. Corrects Negative entries.

Filename: Shortmsg
Archive: Smsg_110.Zip
Size: 9,232
What's it do?: Allows you to add custom Short messages to Telegard's
Shortmsg.Dat file. Deletes delivered messages shrinking the file size.

Filename: Zfix
Size: 10,152
What's it do?: Sorts Zlog.Dat, adds missing entries, removes duplicate
entries and corrects negative entries. (Hopefully my LAST Zlog.Dat
utility )

Filename: Turbo-stats
Size: 14,744
What's it do?: Reads Status.Dat, Laston.Dat and Zlog.Dat to deliver
detailed system information without the hassle of bringing the BBS

Filename: Turbo-Bulletin
Size: 16,801
What's it do?: Reads Status.Dat, Laston.Dat and Zlog.Dat to deliver
detailed system information bulletin in any of four formats (ANSI,
Ascii, Graphics or Non-Graphics).

Filename: TG-Reset
Archive: TGRSET16.ZIP
Size: 16,821
What's it do?: Externally resets Telegard's data files so that it
doesn't take up the time of the first user after midnight.

Filename: Add-Stats utility package
Size: 33,704
What's it do?: Allows the sysop to change several of the Statistics
recorded in the daily Zlog.Dat, including posts, usage, uploads,
downloads, ect ...

More to come.

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