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FKEY allows you to assign one are more DOS commands to a single function key.
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FKEY allows you to assign one are more DOS commands to a single function key.
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Contents of the FKEY.DOC file

** FKEY Version 1.1**10/25/87
** By M. B. Page **

FKEY allows you to assign one are more DOS commands to a single function key.
The result is a saving of disk space considering that DOS uses a minimum of
2k for batch files. Since FKEY uses pre-defined DOS commands, batch file
% variables can not be passed. However, FKEY will allow you to assign your
simple and commonly used batch file commands to your function keys, or the
name of a complex batch file that resides on disk to a function key.

Purpose:Assigns DOS command(s) to function key(s).
Usage:FKEY 2 dir cls cd\DIRname etc..

In the above usage example, FKEY assigns the DOS commands to function
key 2. Upon executing the above example the dos commands will be issued when
ever the F2 function key is pressed just like a batch file.

NOTE: FKEY will override DOS's normal use of function keys. If the key F3 is
assigned a string of commands, the normal F3 function (repeat last DOS command)
will be replaced with the new FKEY assignment.

FKEY can also be used to execute batch files, by assigning a batch
file to a function key. You can assign multiple DOS commands to a
single function key. For example: FKEY 3 cd\letters type" "letter.txt
will result in changing your current directory to the \letters directory, and
typing the file named letter.txt.

NOTE: In the above example, the quotes tell FKEY NOT to insert a Carriage
Return so that (type" "letters.txt) will be executed as (type letters.txt).

If you just type FKEY and press enter, a brief explanation of the usage
is provide as reminder. FKEY commands can also be called from batch files.
This version does not support the ">nul" pipe to suppress FKEY messages.

Example batch file: Fkins.bat
echo off
FKEY 1 cls cd\wordproc wordproc
FKEY 2 cls cd\database dir/w
FKEY 3 cd\letters type" "letters.txt"|MORE"
FKEY 4 dir"|MORE"

FKEY is the result of my present attempt to learn the C language. In order
for this program to work, you must have the DOS ANSI.SYS driver install in
memory. (See your DOS manual for instructions on how to add ANSI.SYS) to
your config.sys file at boot time.

o FKEY does support ECHO OFF commands but requires an ECHO ON to re-enable echo.
o Remember that ECHO OFF would by assigned as.. ECHO" "OFF. So that FKEY won't
place a Carriage Return between ECHO and OFF.
o This version of FKEY does not support the PAUSE command. (causes FKEY to stop
batch file execution).
o In order to use the |MORE DOS pipe, place it in quotes ie.. "|MORE".
EXAMPLE: FKEY 1 dir"|MORE". If you leave out the quotes, the |MORE directive
is omitted.
o Any use of pipe commands ie.. PAUSE,|MORE,/P will cause FKEY to stop batch
file execution so these commands should be the last of a series assigned to
a given function key.

FKEY is provided to share with your friends, upload to BBS's etc..
Provided that this file FKEY.DOC is included.

If you find this program useful and wish to support my efforts in
providing DOS enhancement utilities, Send $5.00 to:

M. B. Page
1815 Sunshine Circle
Aiken, South Carolina 29801

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