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Re-boot (yes/no), with TC source.
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Re-boot (yes/no), with TC source.
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James D. Singleton
P.O. Box 15314
Arlington, VA 22215

This program is performs a "soft" re-boot of the computer. The program asks
the user if he wishes to re-boot; if the answer is yes, the computer re-boots,
otherwise the program exits to DOS.

This program was designed to be part of a batch file which runs INFOMAIL, a
function of Cullinet INFOGATE software. INFOELIM is used in a batch file that
calls INFOMAIL and allows the user to re-boot the machine after running
INFOMAIL. (Because of the PCOX, CULPCOX, CXI and other software/hardware
involved in using INFOMAIL, it is easier to re-boot after using INFOMAIL
rather than try and remove the TSR's and other files from memory.

Thanks go to James DaSilva and Jack Velte for help in the writing of this
program. James provided the function yorn() to a user of the C BBS, who was
asking for a function to ask a YES or NO question, which allowed for a default
answer. Jack provided a suggestion on the actual method used to accomplish
the re-boot.

This program is released to the public domain. NO donations are requested or
accepted. I've used enough other people's public domain programs that this is
offered as only a partial repayment for their time and effort. My only
request is that if you have any suggestions, comments, or bug reports or that
you make any changes or modifications, that you drop me a line (at the address
listed below, or leave a message for me on one of the BBS's listed below:

C BBS 703-644-6478
Programmer's Corner 301-596-1180

James Singleton
P.O. Box 15314
Arlington, VA 22215

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