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Search for a pattern in files.
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Search for a pattern in files.
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Contents of the GREP.DOC file

Grep version 0.01, by John Cooper May 1986 1

This version of Grep is rather simple minded and I wrote
only because I dislike utilities that do not process subdirect-
ories. This Grep does process directories so you can search all
the files matching a particular filespec on your harddisk or
under a particular directory.

Grep is started as shown below:

DOS PROMPT>grep [-s] [-p] "search argument"

The -s is optional and if present it directs Grep to process
all lower subdirectories. The -p is also optional and if present
it directs Grep to preserve the case of the search argument and
the text from searched files. This makes the search case-sensi-
tive which by default it is not so.

The search argument should be enclosed in quotes and it may
include a quote character.

If Grep is started without any parameters or without a file
specification then a small help message is printed and the task

Grep is released to the public without cost but the author
retains all commercial rights to the program. This is to say
that you may give it away for free but you may not under any
circumstances sell it for profit. If you want to include it in
another package that you are selling (this includes those who
sell for "handling fees only") then contact the author.

Any questions? Contact me at GEnie Mail: JOHNCOOPER, Delphi
JOHNCOOPER, or (last resort) John Cooper, 10070 Westpark #821,
Houston, Texas 77042.

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