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A collection of simple DOS utilities from Microsource utilities.
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Category Utilities for DOS and Windows Machines
A collection of simple DOS utilities from Microsource utilities.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ATT.COM 1155 515 deflated
CWD.COM 254 186 deflated
FILTER.COM 9696 6184 deflated
GQ.EXE 9058 5622 deflated
HOWBIG.COM 383 331 deflated
ISDIR.COM 6404 4260 deflated
ISMOUSE.COM 278 222 deflated
ISWRITE.COM 6598 4410 deflated
LICENSE.DOC 3562 1483 deflated
MSUTILS.DOC 6547 2400 deflated
NONULL.COM 9626 6110 deflated
NOW.COM 428 337 deflated
RBOOT.COM 181 178 deflated
SWITCH.EXE 33866 18763 deflated
TASK.COM 562 461 deflated

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Contents of the LICENSE.DOC file

MSUTILS V1.3 Copyright (c) 1992 Microsource


When the term of phrase "these utilities" or "MSUTILS" is used within
this document, the following programs are being refered to: Screen attribute manipulation Change drive and directory in one step File bit filter
gq.exe Find the disk quota of a directory structure What density is that floppy drive? Check for existance of a directory Check for existance of a mouse and driver Check to see write status of diskette Filter nulls from files Output time and date Warm or Cold reboot
switch.exe Semi smart system re-confuration and rebooting An ask program with optional timeout

The copying of the original distribution file is allowed only under the
following circumstances:

-For the purpose of showing other people the product only if all of
the original files are included.
-None of these utilities must not be included in any other product
for any reason unless licensed by MicroSource.
-No charge or payment must be levied or accepted for these utilities.

These utilities may be used by you (the user) for a trial period of
30 days. If you find them useful and wish to continue using them,
you should send the registration cost to MicroSource as detailed below.
Otherwise, you (the user) should delete all copies of them from your

The cost of registration should be paid, for Australian and New Zealand
residents in Australian dollars, and for international residents in US
dollars. Payments should be in the form of cheques, international bank
drafts or money orders drawn in either Australian or US dollars.

This registration cost covers the user for use of the current and any
new versions of the above utilities released within 12 months from the
date of receipt of the payment on a single machine. The table below
shows the reducing cost scale for larger site licenses:

Number of machines MicroSource Utils Registration
(per machine)

1 $5
2-99 $2
100+ $1


The payment of the registration cost for Microsource's very popular
Postscript utility "PCPS" automatically qualifies the user for full
registration to the above mentioned utilities.

PCPS is available in the archive PCPSXXX.ZIP (currently XXX = 710)
in the file area PD1: on simtel20 or one of its

A 20% discount on the above rates applies to genuine educational

Payments should be made payable to "Paul Carapetis" and marked as
non-negotiable. Send the payment along with a short note specifying
your name or your company/institute name, address and other contact
details and the number of machines you wish to register to:

MSUTILS Registration
C/- Paul Carapetis
102 Allister Avenue
Australia 3180

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