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Extracts info from device driver headers.
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Extracts info from device driver headers.
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Contents of the DEV.DOC file

DEV.DOC - Documentation for DEV.EXE, DEV.ASM jgs 11/08/86

DEV is a utility to report device header information for all
installed device drivers, including the default drivers provided
with DOS as well as those installed at boot time by means of
"DEVICE=..." entries in the CONFIG.SYS file.

DEV requires PC-DOS or MS-DOS version 2.x or 3.x, and is invoked
by typing "DEV" at the system prompt. Typical results are as


Addr Attr Str Int Type Units Name
02C1:0048 8004 14C6 14CC C NUL
0070:0BB3 8013 00C6 00D1 C CON
0070:0C68 8000 00C6 00D7 C AUX
0070:0D17 A040 00C6 00E6 C PRN
0070:0E15 8008 00C6 010C C CLOCK
0070:0EE5 0840 00C6 0112 B 03
0070:0C7A 8000 00C6 00D7 C COM1
0070:0D29 A040 00C6 00EC C LPT1
0070:2071 A040 00C6 00F4 C LPT2
0070:2083 A040 00C6 00FC C LPT3
0070:2095 8000 00C6 00DD C COM2
End of device chain.

Refer to Ray Duncan's "Advanced MSDOS", Microsoft Press, 1986 for
further information on device drivers and headers.

History information:

Version 1.0, dated December 12, 1984 and Copyright (c) 1984 by
Ray Duncan works for DOS versions 2.x and presumably 3.0, 3.1,
but NOT for 3.2. (See the comments in the .ASM file for further

Version 1.10 by jgs 11/08/86 (Jim Sack 72277,126) is a fix to
work with DOS 3.2. It will probably work with 3.0 and 3.1, but
has not been tested by the author of this revision. No change
has been made to operation under 2.x.

Anyone who verifies compatibility with 3.0 & 3.1 please update
the comments in the .ASM and this .DOC file and upload as version

--- end DEV.DOC ---

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