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A utility that splits apart .ZIP files into smaller .ZIPs. Will not split individual files, and requires PKZIP/PKUNZIP. Very nice.
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A utility that splits apart .ZIP files into smaller .ZIPs. Will not split individual files, and requires PKZIP/PKUNZIP. Very nice.
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Contents of the ZIPART.DOC file

Copyright (c) 1990
Thomas Gettys

What ZIPART does
ZIPART breaks a file compressed with PKZIP into a specified
number of ZIP files of approximately equal size (as determined by
the compressed file sizes).

Invocation of ZIPART

FILENAME is the name of the source ZIP file. PARTS is the
desired number of parts to split FILENAME into.

The default extension of FILENAME is ZIP, and the default
value of PARTS is 2. FILENAME must be no longer than 7 characters,
and PARTS must be in the range 1 - 26.

The ZIP files created by ZIPART have the same name as the
source file, followed by sequential letters, beginning with A. The
parts are placed in the current directory (not the directory in
which FILENAME resides). FILENAME is not deleted by ZIPART.

The ZIP files created by ZIPART will each have the same
banner as FILENAME, and any file comments will be retained.

Usage Notes
PKZIP must be accessible by DOS (i.e. on the current PATH)
when ZIPART is invoked.

There must be at least 3x(sizeof FILENAME) free disk space on
the drive that the parts will be created (PKZIP requires 2x, and
the parts created will total to the size of the original source

If an error condition is detected a descriptive message is
generated and ZIPART terminates with a none-zero errorlevel.

v1.1 - added progress messages as ZIPART does its thing
verifies PKZIP can be located on the DOS path
reduced size of ZIPART.EXE by more than half (!)

v1.0 - original release

ZIPART has been released as shareware. This means that the
version you have is fully functional. It also means that if you
decide to use ZIPART you are obligated to pay a licensing fee. It
is hoped that the modesty of this fee will allow persons to not
think twice about it - if you use ZIPART at all, it is certainly
worth $5!

Please send $5 to: Tom Gettys
700 Snowberry Ct.
Lafayette, CO 80026

You are welcome and invited to contact me regarding change
requests, comments, bug reports, etc. at the above address, or to
leave me a message on the MicroManiac! BBS at (303) 673-9470.

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