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Unprotect DOS 5.0 password protected menus.
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Unprotect DOS 5.0 password protected menus.
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This will tell you how to change or unprotect Program Menus
In DOS 5.0. Microsoft has used a simple password protection system
that can be corrected easily. First use a text editor such as the
Editor in DOS 5.0 then look at the file called DOSSHELL.INI. This
file holds all of the default values DOS uses upon booting. Scroll
through the document until you find the Program Menu which needs to
be changed. A password will be denoted in all capital letters (write
these letters down). Microsoft has used an all capital principle which
allows lowercase letter to be converted to uppercase through a simple
encryption of the alphabet. First try the capital letters found in the
file. If they do not work then it is necessary to find the corresponding
lowercase letters below. (i.e., shell=YNKRR)

A u
B v
C w
D x
E y
F z
G a
H b
I c
J d
K e
L f
M g
N h
O i
P j
Q k
R l
S m
T n
U o
V p
W q
X r
Y s
Z t

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