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A simple text file scrambler. It will scramble and password protect any text file. Fairly simple, yet easy to use.
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A simple text file scrambler. It will scramble and password protect any text file. Fairly simple, yet easy to use.
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Contents of the HIDE.DOC file

HIDE.EXE A Low Budget File Scrambler (c) 1990 By Kase

I wrote this program one afternoon when I discovered that some minimum
level security was needed on my office machine. I have used a very
simplistic algorithm to rearrange the characters in a text file.
HIDE does not work with binary file types such as spreadsheet files,
.COM or .EXE files and so on.

IMPORTANT! You should use a commercial file encryption program if
your files MUST remain confidential.

The method used in HIDE can be cracked by anyone who is willing to
run enough HIDE sample files. Therefore, you can heighten your
security measures by not making the HIDE program globally available.
By this, I mean that a person will have a much better shot at decoding
your scrambled file if they can make their own scrambled files to see
how they compare to a known original.

Here's how HIDE works: You write a stinging memo on your editor that
really tanks one of your co-workers. Now, you want to keep this from
being viewed by the wrong eyes. Your memo is titled: TANK.TXT


In this case a scrambled file called [email protected]@@ will be created from
TANK.TXT using the password 6688111. The original TANK.TXT is not
deleted or changed so you must delete it or wipe it if you are looking
for ultimate security.

However, this @@@ will be immediately visible in directory searches
which means it can be easily altered or deleted. To hide the file
after encryption, you should include the /H switch.


If you create a [email protected]@@ file and wish to change the file attribute to
a hidden file without going through the entire encryption process, you
can do the following:

HIDE TANK /H This will hide [email protected]@@ so DIR listings will not show it.

After you have created a few [email protected]@@ files that are hidden, you may want
a quick look at the list.

HIDE /S This will show a list of all [email protected]@@ files in the current

To restore the original document, you need enter the name of the [email protected]@@
file, the name of the file to create and the /D switch.


This will decrypt a file called [email protected]@@ and create a file called
TANK.TXT. The password (/P) switch must be included and must match
the /P used during encryption.

HIDE will warn of overwrites before continuing.

Here are the other switches and examples that can be viewed by
entering HIDE on the command line followed by ENTER.

USAGE: HIDE inputfilename outputfilename [switches]

SWITCHES Default is Read/Write not hidden
/E Make encryption file /R Set @@@ to read-only
/D Decrypt the file indicated /H Set @@@ to hidden
/P Password to encrypt/decrypt /S Show all @@@ in current
/N Change @@@ file attr Read/Write /C Confuse snoopers

HIDE /E SECRET.DOC SECRET /P123 Writes scrambled file from .DOC file
using a password of 123
HIDE THIS THAT /E /Pxyz /H Scramble THIS to THAT and hide it
HIDE /D SECRET SECRET.DOC /P123 Unscrambles [email protected]@@ to SECRET.DOC
HIDE /S Lists ALL @@@ files in current dir

NOTES: The /P must be included.
Will not work on binary file types. (.COM, .EXE, .WKS, etc)

Each [email protected]@@ file is headed with a 3 line reminder that identifies the file
to HIDE. It also serves to remind you of how it was created and what it
takes to restore it.

Here is the standard header:

This file was encrypted with HIDE.EXE by KASE
To convert this back into something readable, you must use the /D option.
e.g., HIDE /D this_filename output_filename /Ppassword

However, should you wish to throw potential snoopers a curve, you can
use the /C switch to replace this header with the following:

This file has been double encrypted using the ENCRPT_S utility.
Meets DOD Military Specification MSDE-102-9299 using DES standard.

This program is released as shareware with a registration fee of $0.00

If you would like to obtain the most recent version or if you are a
golfer or interested in sport stats software, dial into the DBK BBS
at (313) 662-9160.

I am interested in supporting this program. All comments received via
the above BBS will be answered. If you are not a modem user, you may
write to me at:

401 Snyder Ave
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

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