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File-Modification Utility. Insert, Overwrite, & delete within any norma.
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File-Modification Utility. Insert, Overwrite, & delete within any norma.
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Contents of the JIFFYMOD.DOC file

Version 1.0

Copyright (C) 1988 Intelligent Hallucinations

By Scott "M0rt" Hawley

(The Immortal Watcher)

Hi there! This program is pretty much self-explanitory, but I just wanted
to give you some more information about it.

System Requirements:
64K of RAM
COMMAND.COM (probably want it on drive a:)
A file to modify
Enough disk space to fit a backup file of the one modified

Jiffy-Mod was made to aid in the modification of "hard-to-modify" files like
executable files and files of records. It allows you to insert, delete or
overwrite within a file, and then saves the changed version to a backup file.
It can only modify "Normal" files (i.e. Hidden & Read-Only won't work, athough
System files might, depending on the configuration.)

Jiffy-Mod starts right away by asking you if you want to see the directory.
Then it asks you for your filename (& the path if you want). If your file is
not there, you will have to hit Ctrl-Break to get back to dos.

Everything else is explained in the help area (hit F10).

Jiffy-Mod is distributed in your standard Shareware kinda way. Feel free to
upload it anywhere or download it or give it to your friends, but please don't
modify it. Jiffy-Mod modifIES, but it's not ment to be modifIED. And if you
find any bugs, lemme know somehow.

If you find this program useful as I have, please send a donation of $5 or
more to:

Scott Hawley
11148 Byrd Drive
Fairfax, Va 22030

Have fun! (And for all you BBS users who now know who I really am and where
I live: "Yes that was a pretty stupid thing to do", but I'll be ready for you
if you try to TP my house, and so will the dog.)

P.S. Don't try inserting things (even text) into executable files unless you
know what you're doing. You can get various bits of garbage in various
(even "deadly") areas of RAM. However, if you LIKE destroying your
equipment & data, be my guest.

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