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Alters size of keyboard buffer...
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Alters size of keyboard buffer…
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Contents of the KBBUFF.DOC file

KBBUF (Keyboard Buffer)

Purpose: Extends the IBM Personal Computer
type ahead buffer by 160 characters.

Format: KBBUFF

Type: Internal External

Remarks: This command is used to extend your
keyboard buffer and thus keep your
machine from screetching at you when
you type ahead more than the previously
allowed nine characters. This program
should be run before either PROKEY or
SCROLLK. This is the KYB_FIX program
from the November 1983 issue of Softalk;
I deemed KBBUFF more descriptive (but
their name was certainly accurate).
Typically used in the AUTOEXEC file.

JJR 11/6/83

SYSOPs NOTE: Run the KBBUFF.BAS program to create a .COM file.

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