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Utility to set and examine the AT real time clock.
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Utility to set and examine the AT real time clock.
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Contents of the ATCLK.DOC file

ATCLK Documention

(C)Copyright 1987 Walter F. Cox, Jr.

Disclaimer of Warranty or Liability

These programs are provided on an AS IS basis without any
warranty or liability whatsoever, expressed or implied, on my
part. The entire risk as to performance, or damages, including
but not limited to lost profits, lost savings, or other
incindental or consequential damages arising out of its use, are
assumed by the user.

Okay to Share

These programs may be freely copied and shared as long as they
are distributed together in unmodified form along with this
DOC file. This is intended to be FREE software. You may not
sell it. A fee may be charged for a disk and copying but may not
exceed $2.00.

Walter F. Cox, Jr.
9502 Westwood Dr.
Ellicott City, Md. 21043
(301) 465-7796


Four clock utilities for the AT are encluded in ATCLK.ARC. They

RTC.COM The DOS date and time is set from the RTC.
RDRTC.COM Tells you what the RTC "says".
SATCLK.COM Sets the RTC date and time from the internal clock.
SETALARM Sets an alarm that sounds 3 beeps at the
designated time.

Using the Utilities

Run RTC to set the DOS date and time from the RTC. This is
done automatically on bootup but this program can be used
if another program has changed the DOS date and time.

RDRTC tells you what the RTC "says". It changes nothing.
Try it one time.

SATCLK sets the RTC according to the internal Time of Day
clock and date. To set the RTC, make sure the date and time
are correct with the DATE and TIME commands, then run
SATCLK. It tells you what time and date were set. If you
want the daylights savings time bit turned on, enter a D on
the command line after SATCLK. There must be a single space
separating the command and the D. If no D or d is found on
the command line, the daylights savings time bit is set to a

SETALARM sets an alarm that gives three beeps at the
designated time. the format is SETALARM HH:MM:SS. The
beeper routine stays resident. Loading the alarm a second
time overlays the first and replaces it. Any other program
can also steal the vector or reset the alarm. If you have
problems, check this out.

Note: These programs check the byte at FFFFEH for an FCH to see
if the system in an AT and will not run if it is not.

The original version of SATCLK had a bug and did not work
correctly for two digit months. This bug has been

The original version of RTC did not set the DOS date. This
version is in response to a request for that function.

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