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Checks for text in EXE or COM files.
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Checks for text in EXE or COM files.
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Contents of the ASCIICHK.DOC file

ASCIIchk utility version 1.0 (MSDOS)

George Dinwiddie
10965 Trotting Ridge Way
Columbia, MD 21044

10 April 1985


asciichk [-options] unambiguous_filename
asciichk unambiguous_filename [-options]


Asciichk is a utility to extract strings of printable
characters from a binary file. It requires MSDOS or PCDOS 2.0
or higher. This can be quite useful for determining a
program's commands when the manual can't be found, or can be
used just to satisfy your curiosity about how or what a
program does. My favorite uses are determining the version
number of a program and determining what compiler was used to
produce it.

The following options are recognized and supported:

-l#, -L# Set the line length of the output. A decimal
integer replaces the '#'. The default line length
is 80 and the maximum line length is 256.

-n#, -N#Set then minimum number of contiguous printable
characters that may constitute a valid string.
The default string length is 5 and the maximum
string length is equal to the line length.


I am releasing this program to the public domain in partial
payment for all the fine public domain programs that I have
found useful. Those who subscribe to the 'shareware' concept
may submit their favorite programs (CPM-80 or MSDOS) in
payment. If anyone adds any features (or removes misfeatures)
I would also be grateful for a copy. All contributions are

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