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Like Norton's NCD.EXE, with C source.
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Like Norton’s NCD.EXE, with C source.
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An excellent utility for those (like me) who dislike unneccesary
keystrokes! It uses an NCD-compatible directory list to shortcut
your changes of directory, which can be done by typing only the
subdirectory name. You can even abbreviate the subdirectory name and
get a menu of matching places to CD to. If you wish, you can set up
TO to work across logical drives to find your target directory.

I found this utility on the UK CIX system, with a note that a couple
of different people may have modified it since the author last saw
it. I found a lot more small things that needed fixing - mainly in
the area of error checking. Also, the program had evidently been
written with a small hard disk in mind and the capacities were
nothing like enough.

I hope that I have made the program a bit more robust now, though I
expect there are more things I have failed to spot. I have tried it
on several machines with no problems yet. See the source file for a
summary of changes. The documentation file is as I received it, but
I have updated the built-in help to reflect my changes.

I have sent a copy of the revised source to the author in Italy. If
you make further improvements, I suggest that you do the same!

Tim Frost, Roundhill Computer Systems Limited
Bix: tfrost
Cix: tfrost

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