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Assorted file utilities.
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Assorted file utilities.
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Contents of the HDIRCOLS.DOC file

Patches for customizing HotDIR 2.0 colors and other features
Copyright 1987 by Tony Overfield and Robert Woeger

For documentation on how to run the Xanadu utilities, see the XANADU.DOC file.

To customize HotDIR 2.0 you will need a file or sector modify utility such as
FM, NORTON, DISKZAP, etc. and position yourself to HDIR.COM's 1st sector.
This sector contains the Copyright message and a space where you can modify
(or PATCH) new defulat colors and values into the program.
You should be experienced with sector "zapping" and be sure and have a backup
copy of the HDIR.COM program (unmodified) in case you make any mistakes
during the patch procedure.

Find the phrase [Patch> in the sector and we will begin our patch reference
(below) from the byte immediately following the ">" of [Patch>.

To prevent problems with different versions, relative offsets from this byte
will be given instead of absolute offsets into the sector.

Offset 0Currently 00HBackground color attribute (ORd with
foreground color attribute when character
is written to the screen). Do not change this
unless you want to play with the background
color of the text displayed. This byte is
only in effect when the color for the extension
is less than 10H (i.e. black background).

Offset 1Currently 07HColor value used for filenames which don't
match any of the defined extensions/colors.
Colors should be 00-0FH for colors with
black background.

Offset 2'EXE' First file extension definition
Offset 50BHColor attribute for .EXE files to display
.The file extension definitions repeat until the end of ???
All extensions may be replaced by your user defined extensions
and colors. Just place the color value after the extension.
To add a color for files with DB3 extensions, choose a ??? or
unwanted extension and replace it with DB3. Then put the hex
value of the color desired in the byte following the DB3.

After the last ???, there is a byte with a 00 value. This is our new reference
point and all offsets below will be off of that 00 byte.

Offset4Value 03Color of graphics line characters
Offset5Value 0DHColor of directory entries
Offset6Value 02Color of hidden files
Offset7Value 09Color of file attributes
Offset8Value 0CHColor of dates
Offset9Value 0AHColor of file times
Offset 10Value 0EHColor of file sizes

About 10-16 bytes following this you should see a string of zero byte values.
Immediately following the last 00 byte you should see an 'FF' byte. Change
this 'FF' to a '00' to toggle the current pause option. If 'FF' then pause
at end of screen is enabled, '00' disables pause (unless you say HDIR /p).

We are considering writing an install program that makes it unnecessary for
you to manually "zap" your changes into HotDIR, but at the current time (2.0)
we have not added it. Your comments and suggestions on how best to let you
change the colors and options would be greatly appreciated.

Tony Overfield & Rob Woeger 2/27/87

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