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Generate random passwords of varying lengths.
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Generate random passwords of varying lengths.
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Contents of the PASSWORD.DOC file

Password Generator Rel 1.0


Matt Giwer

copyright 1991 all rights reserved

Member in highest standing of

Association of
O Professionals


Executably challenged software at it's best.
The best Software is always AGP!

(And we have the better Logo!)


If you use this program Ted Kennedy will take you for a ride off
a bridge. If you use this program the KGB will steal your first born.
If you should find any value to this program, you have made a terrible
mistake. Do not use it if you value your immortal soul.

And you have my personal assurance this program is worth every
penny I am asking.

That out of the way ...

The Program

Have you ever been asked for a new or private password by a BBS
or computer system and had a mental block? Are you reluctant to
change your old one that is the same on a dozen boards because all you
can think of is your dog's name?

So here is the file you have been waiting for. It generates
passwords for you. Nonsense words to the rest of the world but to you
they are reasonably pronouncable as an aid to remembering the word.
And of course a break to that mental block for creating a new one.

Not all of them are pronoucable, some are worse than nothing, but
most of them are viable as usable passwords for any system. It will
sometimes break its own rules. It is not perfect. But it works. It
was not my intention to be elegant or impressive (that will come in
release 3.0 I am certain.) It was my intention to create a working
program that does what you need.

And how do I know what you need? Because I have the same
problems mentioned above, except I don't have a dog. And I miss the
VAX utility I once had. And I lost a file called ALIEN that generated
Alien Names for SF writers that was about as good. And I have been
swearing to write this program for six years. Enough ands, I like it.
I hope you find some value in it also. After all, it is worth the
little bit of guilt I am asking isn't it?

As a side benefit if you are in need of a six letter word for a
combination lock (using the telephone keyboard method) then you can
get exactly six letter nonsense words.

This is release 1.0 there may never be another, particularly if
the Association of Shareware Professionals finds me.

Push any key on the menu and you will see a screen full of
possible words. For hard copy Prt Sc. If you remember the
menu key push it again for more and any other menu key for whatever
that offered you.

Security notes

Do not do a screen dump unless you are prepared to destroy the
printout completely. If you keep it around you might as well have
circled the word you used. Granted there are a lot of possibilities
but that only means any one wanting to break in only needs a bit of

Do not make a long list for the entire office. As in any office
that one list will become the only list anyone ever uses.

The random selection method here is about the best you are going
to get and better than anything you are going to jury rig with any
compiler. It depends upon when you push a key. All the while you are
not pushing a key the software is calling random numbers. Even if the
pattern were to be repetative your reaction time in pushing a key will
always be different and always generate for you a different set.

There is no need to ever keep a hard copy list of passwords.


Rel 1.1 notes

The ASP hasn't found me yet.

Changes from 1.0, addition of cvcv, vcvc, cvcvcvcv, and vcvcvcvc
patterns, too short or too long to be of much use but why not?
Someone may have a use for them. Also I made the mistake of
tightening up the code at the same time. So it is still too small to
impress anyone. What I really need is a way to make this a 120K .EXE
file and also make it do less. Then I have a very modern program and
one which will impress everyone.

These days novel quality and program quality are judged the same;
by the size.


I hereby forward my highest regards by cash, check or money order in
return for use of this program.

______ It won't work on my Adam

______ I tried smoking the disk but nothing happened

______ I want to crack 'em not use 'em

Name _______________________________

Addr _______________________________

City & State _______________________________

legal guardian _______________________________

Attorney _______________________________

favorite color _______________________________

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