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Add sounds other than the standard beep to your pc.
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Add sounds other than the standard beep to your pc.
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Contents of the BELLS.DOC file


BELLS Version 1.0

Bells is a cute little program that will allow you to change
the sound of the standard IBM -beep- your computer makes. You
can change this beep to a little song, or a unique sound
effect. It's up to you!

Some people have done the theme from "Dragnet", others the
notes from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."

Bells is actually two programs, BELLS itself, which is a RAM-
resident program which actually does the substituting of the
sound, and BELLSINS which allows for easy entry of your unique
bell sound.

Once you run BELLSINS, the program BELLS is actually modified,
so that each time you run BELLS, the new notes are used. Don't
worry, BELLS may be modified as many times as you like.


The horizontal bars you see on the screen when you run this
program represent notes. These are standard musical notes,
with half step increments. You can select any note you like,
and any delay you like. Up to 5 notes and delays may be
selected. Use the arrow keys to change values and move around,
press ENTER to test the sound, and save. ESC will quit.

Put a call to BELLS in your autoexec.bat file.

Every time you run BELLS it plays the new sound, however if
you want to test it, simply enter this command at any DOS


(that's CTRL G)


No command line parameters are used by BELLS or BELLSINS.

BELLS and BELLSINS are copyright of Sapphire Software (c)
Sapphire Software - every program's a gem.

Other Sapphire Software programs are available to customize
and personalize your computer. These programs are available
via ShareWare, or direct from Sapphire Software. If you like
this program and find it useful, give a copy to a friend.
Then show your support for low-cost quality software by
sending a check for $5.00 made out to:

Sapphire Software
4141 Ball Road
Suite 166
Cypress, CA 90630-3465

Please feel free to copy this program to other bulletin
boards, and distribute it freely to your friends and enemies.


Please note that changes or alterations to this program of any
kind are not authorized by Sapphire Software. The software
must be distributed as is. Sapphire Software makes no
warranty about this program as regards its suitability for any
purpose, or its ability to perform under conditions not set
down in the program documentation. By using this program, the
user agrees that Sapphire Software shall not be liable for any
damages in connection with or arising from use of this

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