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The archive file converter.

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STEALTH 6.5 Archive Converter

Use your RAM disk for compression, Launch
files while converting, virus scan entire
subdirectories, tag files with internal file
manager, QWK packet compression, internal
UUENCODE/DECODE, all Internet archivers,
plus TONS more. Converts ALL ARCHIVERS,
makes PKZIP 1.1 into 2.0 -EXTRA COMPRESSION.
Leave PKZIP/ARJ AV files alone, comments,
find DIZ/SDI files, internal archive viewer,
logging, DOS and Windows configuration editors.
Ruthlessly fast ** $25.00 Shareware

File STLTH65.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Utilities for DOS and Windows Machines
The archive file converter.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
EVENT.CFG 3329 720 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 611 385 deflated
QCOM.DOC 6757 1897 deflated
QCOM.EXE 11226 7377 deflated
QWKPACK.CFG 3203 776 deflated
STEALTH.CFG 3354 726 deflated
STEALTH.DOC 51125 14184 deflated
STEALTH.EXE 68412 33632 deflated
STLWCFG.EXE 29250 8808 deflated
STL_CFG.EXE 39572 20492 deflated
UPLOAD.CFG 3405 735 deflated
WHATS.NEW 10634 4370 deflated
{SDA.ID} 5309 2212 deflated

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Contents of the QCOM.DOC file

----- THE QUICK COMMENTER --------->>>>

Doesn't comment your .ZIP unless it needs to

This program is REAL simple: It comments all your .ZIP files,
but will not touch those that already have your comment on

I run a BBS, and get tired of having to RE-COMMENT several
hundred files and waiting the entire time for it to comment
the ones it does NOT need to.

This util searches the last 10 bytes of the file's .ZIP
comment, and determines if it resembles the one you
specify on the command line. If it matches, then the util
skips it. If it is different, however, the util
stamps the NEW comment on there.

PS: Can anyone figure out why this program doesn't like
SHARE? Occasionally has errors when SHARE is loaded.
You might have to unload SHARE to try this out.

See ya! Dave.

Support for this program is available in the following ways:

User ID: 71441,2723
I usually log on every other day and check my mail.

Drop me a line on the AntiVirus ROCK Bulletin Board
David Smith (214) 282-5542

Write to:

David Smith
1104 Mason Dr.
Hurst TX 76053

(817) 282-5542

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Network, WILDnet, VirusEval Magazine, Virus-L digest,
and a new Zoom 28.8 vFast modem.

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