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Create ramdisk without rebooting.
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Create ramdisk without rebooting.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
128.BAT 11 11 stored
360.BAT 11 11 stored
64.BAT 10 10 stored
OFF.BAT 11 11 stored
RAMDISK.COM 1024 777 deflated
RAMDISK.DOC 1191 590 deflated
RAMDRV.SYS 512 358 deflated

Download File RDISK2.ZIP Here

Contents of the RAMDISK.DOC file

Install the driver RAMDRV.SYS in your CONFIG.SYS file by adding the line:


(If you have a hard drive installed, make sure that CONFIG.SYS and RAMDRV.SYS
are both in your root directory.) Also, make sure that the program RAMDISK.COM
is available in your path.

If the system is booted with this RAMDRV driver in CONFIG.SYS, a ramdisk
of any size can be created by typing


where s is the desired size in kilobytes. For example, RAMDISK 64 creates a 64 K ramdisk. This ramdisk may be removed by typing RAMDISK OFF, thus freeing up the memory used. A new ramdisk of a different size may then be created.

Batch files to create ramdisks of 360, 180, or 64k have been provided.
Simply type the number followed by a carriage return, and voila you have the
desired ram disk! If a different size is required, just type in "OFF", and the
ram disk will be disabled. At that time simply type in another size from
the collection of bat files.

This ramdisk program is superior to others available because it does not
require rebooting to to reconfigure the ramdisk size.

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