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Different informative prompts using the DOS Prompt command.
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Different informative prompts using the DOS Prompt command.
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Contents of the PROMPT30.DOC file

** PROMPT30.ARC **** SHORT, CLEAN & USEFUL DOS PROMPTS *** v.3.0 **** 12/12/86**

PURPOSE: To give users, when at the DOS level, concise but useful
information about the current: day of the week, date, time,
logged directory, and a highlighted DOS prompt while taking the
least possible amount of space in the DOS environment.

(color system)
FORMAT: PROMPT [s[H[K[1;33;44m$D$T$h$h $p[u[0;1;33m$n$g[0m

(see below for a detailed explanation of the color prompt)

(monochrome system)
or: PROMPT [s[H[K[7m$D$T$h$h$p[u[0;1m$n$g[0m

REMARKS: For these prompts to work, (color or monochrome screen), ANSI.SYS
MUST be installed through CONFIG.SYS with the command:


in CONFIG.SYS and CONFIG.SYS must be located in the root directory
of the hard disk (or boot diskette), and the date and time MUST be

NOTE: When using the SET command to verify the status of the DOS
environment, these prompts will show only as: PROMPT=$n$g.

USAGE: The prompt is best placed in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file but may be
created at any time via batch files. (See the batch files
included in the PROMPT30.ARC and listed below.)

PROMPTC0.BAT for color screen (does not show the time)
PROMPTC1.BAT for color screen (shows the time)
PROMPTM0.BAT for monochrome screen (does not show the time)
PROMPTM1.BAT for monochrome screen (shows the time)

You may of course rename these batch files to shorter names to
make it easier to execute them from keyboard entry.

If these batch files are missing create a batch file which includes
the following lines (for color screen):

PROMPT [s[H[K[1;33;44m$D$T$h$h$p[u[0;1;33m$n$g[0m

or the following lines (for monochrome screen):

PROMPT [s[H[K[7m$D$T$h$h$p[u[0;1m$n$g[0m

COLORS: The colors or screen attributes may be changed by modifying the
appropriate parameters shown with an underlining caret (^) below:

PROMPT [s[H[K[1;33;44m$D$T$h$h$p[u[0;1;33m$n$g[0m
^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^
PROMPT [s[H[K[7m$D$T$h$h$p[u[0;1m$n$g[0m
^^ ^^^^

It is thus possible to create several batch files which offer
various choices of prompts with various colors or attributes
to meet one's needs or fancy.

RESULTS: The prompt will show up in the following manner on the screen:

Fri 12-1218:30C:\DOS\UTIL

1. current day of the week and date (month and day only)
2. current time (updated only when the screen is refreshed)
1. current logged-in directory

always located at line 1, column 1 of the screen. In addition,
the current drive will be highlited and shown as the regular
DOS prompt at its regular position as: C>


(color system)
[s[H[K[1;33;44m$D$T$h$h $p[u[0;1;33m$n$g[0m

turn off colors
the > character
default drive letter
set foreground to yellow
set color to bright
turn off colors
restore cursor position
current directory of default drive
one space
vertical separator (ASCII 179)
backspace on seconds:hundredths (4chars)
2 erasing backspaces
print current time
vertical separator (ASCII 179)
backspace over year and 1 space (5 chars)
print date (day date)
set background color to bleu
set foreground color to light green (yellow)
set color to bright
erase current line (line 1)
send cursor home (line 1; col 1)
save current cursor position before changing prompt

The [ characters are the ESC (ASCII 27) and left braket.

If you have a good tip or prompt, please share it. Thank you.

Francois R. Brenot * 12/12/86
c/o International TeleSystems, Inc.
415 Norht Crescent Drive, Suite 120
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(213) 274-7411 (voice)
MCI Mail ID: 268-5665

You may also leave me a message on:

The Crest RBBS * Sysop: Eric Newhouse
(The LAPALS RBBS with the PARADOX (PX) Conference)
(213) 471-2518
2400/1200bauds * 8-N-1 * 7-E-1 * 24 hours/7days

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