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From Hungary, this ZIPfile utility does file handling chores on ZIPfiles in ZIPed form, without unZIPing them.
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From Hungary, this ZIPfile utility does file handling chores on ZIPfiles in ZIPed form, without unZIPing them.
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Contents of the ZIPZAP.TXT file

"The ZIP zapper"

Version 2.01 (May 25 1991)
for MS-DOS

Copyright 1990,1991
KISS Gbor Lszl
All Rights Reserved

ZIPZAP is a small utility for modify, cut and paste zipfiles
(compressed archives in zip file format, defined by Phil Katz, PKWARE
Inc.) ZIPZAP lists contents of zipfiles, copies or moves files from
source zipfiles to destination, remove files from zipfiles and
encrypt/decrypt files in zipfiles (registered copies only). You do
not have to unzip files and zip again if you want to split a large
zipfile into small pieces. Just use ZIPZAP. ZIPZAP is fast, because
it handles files without expansion (and decryption).


Usage: ZIPZAP mode src ... [dst]

Items in '[ ]' are optional. '...' means optional repeating.
dst: zipfile
src: zipfile [-file ...]

Wildcards in filenames are allowed, if omitted -*.* assumed. Optional
pathname separated with '/' characters may preceede filenames.

List filenames in srczip: ZIPZAP -l[options] src ...
options: l - long format (includes m,u,t)
m - compression method by number
0 storing
1 shrinking
2 reducing 1
3 reducing 2
4 reducing 3
5 reducing 4
6 imploding
a star (*) after the number means encrypted file
u - uncompressed size (excludes s)
s - compressed size (excludes u)
t - date and time (in hungarian format)
k - file comment
Path and file names are always printed.

Copy files from srczips to destzip: ZIPZAP -c src ... dst
Move files from srczips to destzip: ZIPZAP -m src ... dst
Remove files from srczips: ZIPZAP -r src ...
Encrypt files in srczips: ZIPZAP -e passwd src ...
Decrypt files in srczips: ZIPZAP -d passwd src ...
Encryption and decryption is full compatible with PKZIP/PKUNZIP of

Zipfile in src and dst may be ordinary .ZIP file or self-extracting
.EXE program, except case of very new dst, when ZIPZAP creates always
.ZIP type file without self-extract code. There is no default
filename extension, giving .ZIP or .EXE always required.
Don't give same zipfile as source and destination.

- ZIPZAP -c -*.c bravo.exe -*.h
copies .c files from, .h files from bravo.exe and all
files of to
- ZIPZAP -r -*.c -*.c
removes .c files from and
- ZIPZAP -e"foxTrot georGE" yankee.exe -*.doc -*.txt
encrypts .doc and .txt files in yankee.exe with 'foxTrot georGE'
- ZIPZAP -lmk -victor/*.?
lists name, compression method and comment of all files from
victor subdirectory of with one character extension.

MS-DOS version of ZIPZAP does not distinguish upper and lower case
letters in file names.

When listing zipfile content (-l) file names, sizes etc. are written
to standard output. All other informations (zipfile name, error
messages) go to standard error.

When modifying a zipfile (move/remove/encrypt/decrypt source and all
destination) ZIPZAP creates a temporary file in the current directory,
and after successful closing of them, replaces original with it.

NOTE: Version 2.0 of ZIPZAP does not handle well zipfiles with
authenticity verification. DON'T use ZIPZAP with them.


Release history:
2.01 - a minor bug fixed in wildcard interpretation. Increased buffers
for faster operation.
2.0 - added encryption/decryption features and self-extract code
1.10 - beta test release.

What to do:
- proper handling of authenticity verification,
- modifying file attributes within zipfile,
- renaming files within zipfile,
- accepting arguments from list files,
- encryption and decryption in same pass.

UNIX version is now available!!!


COPYRIGHT INFORMATION: This Program was written under the "ShareWare"
concept. You are free to copy this program and share it with others.
If you like the program and find it useful you are asked to send a
donation to the author's friend and register your copy. Upon receipt
of the requested donation you will receive a copy of current version
of ZIPZAP with encryption/decryption feature on a 5 1/4" disk.

If you want to register your program send $10 or equivalent to

Rickard Rdvinge Account No.
Ekholmsv. 46/c stgota Enskilda Bank
58261 Linkping 1311-32-24748

and send your name and address and the copy of money order to me:

KISS Gbor Lszl
1144 Budapest
Vezr u. 69/c 8.33.

JOKE: Any encryption technology crossing the border of US and Canada
is prohibited by the Government of the United States. Therefore North
American users suggested bribe me with extra $5 to resist US

DISCLAIMER: This software is provided "as is" without warranty of any
kind. In no event shall I be held liable for any damages whatsoever
arising from the use of or inability to use this product.

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