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Automatically repack ARC files - reclaim wasted space.
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Automatically repack ARC files – reclaim wasted space.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

SMALL version # 1.0

Small version 1.0 was tested with PK versions 35, 36 and 361. It is assumed
that one of these three archiving programs will be used with SMALL. No other
Archiving/Dearchiving program was used to test this program with.

Make sure that your Archiving and Dearchiving files are either located in
the same directory as SMALL or that they are pathed to in your autoexec.bat

SMALL makes a file called "YES" and a directory named "XXXXXX". If you have
these two names already in use, please rename them until you have finished
running SMALL.

SMALL may be distributed freely as long as no modifications have been made
to it and that this file is included with it. If you find SMALL to have been
usefull to you and saved you valuable HD space, we will be glad to accept
contributions of $1000.00 a copy (joke, unless you really want to).

The SMALL program is self explainatory as you go through it, so, no further
discussion is needed here.

P.S. You will notice that we have used the term PAK inplace of that other
dirty word in SMALL. To this we say:

>>>> Long Live Phil Katz <<<<

Thomas Rollins / Charles Emerson

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