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A mouse driven disk format utility - requires EGA/VGA and a mouse.
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A mouse driven disk format utility – requires EGA/VGA and a mouse.
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Contents of the MF.DOC file

Mouse Format v1.0
(C) Copyright 1991, Magic Software +

Magic Software +
1179 Finch Ave. West #212
Downsview, Ont.
M3J 2G1


Mouse Format is provided on an "as is" basis without warranty of
any kind expressed or implied. In no event will Magic Software +
be liable to you for any damages, including any lost profits, lost
savings or other incidental or consequential damages arising out
of the use of or inability to use the program, even if
Magic Software + has been advised of the possibility of such
damages, or for any claim by any other party.

Mouse Format is copyrighted by Magic Software +. You're encouraged
to give copies to your friends and upload it to bulletin boards,
however sale of the program for profit by anyone except Magic Software+
is strictly prohibited. With the exception of a small fee
for duplication. That fee does not register you as a user of
Mouse Format. If you like Mouse Format and find it useful you are
asked to register as a user with Magic Software +.
(See "REGISTRATION" in this document for registration information.)


Mouse Format is a program to allow you to format different disk sizes and
densities, with a click of a mouse. With Mouse Format you can forget
all the different DOS commands (I.E. FORMAT /T:80 /N:9), to format
just a couple of clicks are required to get the desired format.

PC 286 or above with hard disk
EGA/VGA, Microsoft Mouse or compatible.

Please remember to load your mouse driver before running Mouse Format.

Installation of Mouse Format is easy.
From Mouse Format disk type MF
Create a subdirectory on your hard drive for Mouse Format.
Or copy the files under the DOS directory.
To create a subdirectory for example MF
C:\> MD MF

Now change to the new directory and copy the files from the
Mouse Format disk into it. The following example is for the
Mouse Format disk drive A: if you have the disk in drive B:
replace the A:*.* in the example with B:*.*
C:\> CD MF
C:\MF> COPY A:*.*
To run type CD \MF and then MF


Mouse Format is a shareware product. This is not a demo or
crippled version, but a full working version. If you use
Mouse Format, I ask you to send $15 to Magic Software + to
register your copy, in return you will receive a disk containing
the latest version (with turbo option, up to 45% faster formats)
and an extra two programs of Magic Software +. When you register your
copy of Mouse Format, please use the order form below.
If you do not use the form, please specify that you are registering
Mouse Format and indicate your preferred disk format (5 1/4" or 3 1/2").

Purchases of 10 or more copies will receive a discount making each
copy of Mouse Format only $10.00 a piece.

Registration / Order Form

Name : __________________________
Company : __________________________
Address : __________________________
City/State : __________________________
Zip Code : __________________________
(Postal Code)
Phone : __________________________

Basic registration (less than 10 copies) : $15 x ___ = $ ______
Site license registration (10 or more copies) : $10 x ___ = $ ______
Shipping and Handling $4.00 always $ 4.00
*** Ontario Residents please add 8% sales tax. *** ______
*** Canadian Residents please add 7% G.S.T. *** ______
Total of: $ ______

Disk Format: 5 1/4" ___ 3 1/2" ___

The product being registered is Mouse Format v1.0.
You will receive the latest version of Mouse Format + 2 bonus programs.

Send check or money order to:
Magic Software +
1179 Finch Ave. West #212
Downsview, Ont.
M3J-2G1 Tel.(416) 661-1505

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