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Delayed command execution, will run a program every X minutes.
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Delayed command execution, will run a program every X minutes.
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Copyright (C) 1990 Conrad Bullock & Charlie Lear

Usage: EVERY Time Command

Where Time is the number of minutes to wait, and Command is the
program or batch file to execute.

This program was developed as we couldn't find anything that would
simply and easily allow an unattended system to execute a command
every so often until interrupted.

I needed to poll another site overnight to receive a Usenet feed,
and there is a high probability of the target system being busy. This
program lets me run a batch file every 45 minutes to dial out to check
for mail. It doesn't matter if the target system is busy or not; it
will retry every 45 minutes without me getting out of bed to do it!

EVERY can be used for any application that requires regular execution
of a program or batch. It uses 14544 bytes of RAM. We can probably
reduce that if enough people howl and scream. Turbo Pascal requires
something to be written before acting on a ctrl-C, so EVERY prints a
period (.) every five seconds to allow you to terminate the program.

If you have any suggestion or improvements you'd like to see in EVERY,
email us: [email protected] or [email protected] .

No Usenet access? Send your suggestion or query written on the back
of a five dollar bill to P.O. Box 12-175, Thorndon, Wellington 06038,
New Zealand.

This product does not include data encryption technology. It may be
freely distributed to US sites which may or may not permit downloads
by foreign nationals.

Disclaimer: The authors bear no responsibility if Iraq or the USA or
any other hotheads use this program to launch a nuke every n minutes.

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