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PKWARE's utility to fix some corrupted ZIP archives.
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PKWARE’s utility to fix some corrupted ZIP archives.
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Contents of the PKZIPFIX.DOC file


The .ZIP file format was designed for high reliability, using 4-byte
signatures for all file headers, and redundant distributed & centralized
directory structures.

PKZIPFIX is a simple utility that takes advantage of the extra
reliability of the .ZIP file format to reconstruct truncated or
damaged .ZIP files.

PKZIPFIX however can not create good data out of bad data! If a
portion of a .ZIP file has been corrupted, PKZIPFIX will allow
recovery of the unaffected files. Depending on how badly damaged
the .ZIP file is however, one or more files may still extract with


PKZIPFIX should be used when PKZIP or PKUNZIP inidcate that a .ZIP
file is in error, or a .ZIP file has become damaged. PKZIPFIX can
also be used to extract the .ZIP file portion from a PKSFX (R) self-
extracting file.



Where ZipFile is the name of the file to be recovered. An extension
of .ZIP will be used by default. PKZIPFIX will attempt to recover
ZipFile and will create a file called PKFIXED.ZIP which contains the
reconstructed .ZIP file.

The file PKFIXED.ZIP can then be extracted or listed with PKUNZIP.
It is strongly recommended that you then use PKZIP to create a new
.ZIP file from the files that are extracted from PKFIXED.ZIP.


You are free to use, copy and distribute PKZIPFIX for NONCOMMERCIAL use if:

No fee is charged for use, copying or distribution.

It is not modified in any way.

Clubs and user groups may charge a nominal fee not to exceed ($10) for
expenses and handling while distributing PKZIPFIX.


PKWARE hereby disclaims all warranties relating to this software, whether
express or implied, including without limitation any implied warranties
of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. PKWARE will not
be liable for any special, incidental, consequential, indirect or similar
damages due to loss of data or any other reason, even if PKWARE or an
agent of PKWARE has been advised of the possibility of such damages. In
no event shall PKWARE's liability for any damages ever exceed the price
paid for the license to use software, regardless of the form of the
claim. The person using the software bears all risk as to the quality
and performance of the software.

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