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File dump, any base, by words or bytes.
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File dump, any base, by words or bytes.
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Universal File Dump Program (UFDP) version 1.0

Hi, I'm Mike Nemeth and this is my first "shareware" or "donateware"
program. I believe you will find program either totally useless or
extremely usefully. As with programs of this nature the standard "disclaimers"
apply ( you have read them too many times to see them relisted here).

I would suggest a donation $10.00; I really don't want more than that.
Since this is my first "shareware" program I really don't known I can
afford the only thing I promise now is to send a postcard notification
of the next update (this program CAN be about 10k small and faster).
I would like to here your reactions to this program write to:

Mike Nemeth
Senior member of the techinal staff
10025 Locust St.
Glenndale MD 20769

I may also be contacted on the East Coast Forth BBS 703-442-8695.

This program was create using Tom Zimmer's pd PF Forth. Note an earlier
version create using F83 Forth exist on the East Coast Forth BBS and GEnie;
it is vastly inferior.


Type with no option or filename: UFDP


1. Universal File Dump Program (UFDP)
3. UFDP can dump any file to the screen or both the screen
4. and printer in byte format using number bases 2 - 36 or in
5. words(16 bit) in bases 4 - 36 . Note hitting any key durning
6. dumping will abort program
8. Exit program?(Y or continues) n
10. Waiting, press SPACEBAR to continue..UFDP.SEQ
11. start at byte? 0
12. stop at byte(or 0 for all)? 0
13. pause ON? (Y or else no ) :y
14. dump by words or bytes? ( W or else bytedump): by bytes
15. Number base? (2 thru 36):16 Base for dump is now : 16
16. print? ( Y or else none):n
17. ready? or redo? (Y OR REDOES)

Lines 1-7 are the introduction.
Line 8 if you type Y or y you will exit from the program.
Lines 9-10 in about 30 seconds or less if you hit the spacebar (note any
key will work) a file/directory/drive selection menu will overlay
the current screen. Pick a file.
Line 10 After the overlay disappears the file name is displayed
Line 11 Type a number as an offset into the file; zero is valid and is the
Line 12 Where to stop dumping relative to the begin of the file NOT TO THE
OFFSET. Zero is the default and cause the dump to goto end of file.
Line 13 Y or y will cause the screen to (durning dumping) "freeze" for five
minutes or till a key is hit. Note you probably do not want this
if you are printing.
Line 14 W or w for a word (16 bit) dump bases 4 - 36 only else by bytes.
Note if you pick a word dump and then ask for base 2 or 3 the dump
will automaticaly switch to a byte dump.
Line: 15 That is .. 8 is octal 16 hex 10 decimal(default). Actually bases
up to 127 are valid but you try to read em!
Line 16 Y or y to echo to the printer.
Line 17 Y or y starts the dump else you will be reprompted.


\/ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 V1234567

D A 5C 20 75 6E 69 76 ..\ univ

65 72 73 61 6C 20 66 69 ersal fi

6C 65 20 64 75 6D 70 20 le dump

70 72 6F 67 72 61 6D 20 program

20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20

20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20

20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20

6D 6A 6E D A D A 20 mjn....

20 2E 28 20 6C 6F 61 64 .( load

69 6E 67 20 75 66 64 70 ing ufdp


The only bug known to me is that base 1 will crash your system.

Bewarned that when pauses are on it is quite easy to abort the program if
the key is held too long.

Also when printing is on you will notice the page header flash across the


I am quite will to do customzations for very modest fees. Possiblities are:
For Wide or Condensed mode printers word dump for base 2.
For Wide and Condensed mode printers dumping 16 bytes/words per line.
A keypad scrolling mode.

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