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AutoComment will insert ZIP comments into a mass amount of files.
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AutoComment will insert ZIP comments into a mass amount of files.
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Contents of the ACOMMENT.DOC file

AutoComment v1.0
Copyright (c) 1991 by Allen Petlock
All Rights Reserved

What is AutoComment?
AutoComment is designed for the purpose of putting ZIP
comments on mass amount of files. Great for SysOps or other
people promoting things through ZIP comments.

Setting up AutoComment
The first thing you need to do is make a configuration file
for AutoComment. This is fairly simple. Using your favorite text
editor, make a file called ACOMMENT.CFG. The first line is the
full path of the ASCII file you wish to use for your comment. The
rest of the lines should be the directories of your ZIP files.

A typical example of ACOMMENT.CFG:


It doesn't matter if you have a trailing backslash or not on
the directory names.

Also make sure that PKZIP is in your DOS path.

Running AutoComment
Here's the easy part. Just go into the directory where you
have ACOMMENT.EXE and ACOMMENT.CFG, and type ACOMMENT. From there
on it takes all the ZIP files in all the specified directories and
puts your comment in them. It skips right over files without the
.ZIP extension, so you can have a directory with mixed files in it
and still get the job done right.

Special Features

/Q Quiet Mode
Suppresses the "Adding Comment to ..." for all

Example: ACOMMENT /Q

/Z: ZIP Comment Re-Route
Uses ZIP comment other than one specified in ACOMMENT.CFG

Examples: ACOMMENT /Z:

/D: Only comment one directory
Overrides the ACOMMENT.CFG file directories and just does

Examples: ACOMMENT /D:

If you feel that this program is useful, or if you really
really like it . . . feel free to register and send $5 to:

Allen Petlock
P.O. Box 7144
Buffalo Grove, IL

You get a personalized copy of AutoComment and support for
this fine product. You will also receive all future updates.
Fill out ACOMMENT.REG (included in this ZIP), and send it to the
above address.

Also feel free to call my BBS:

The Dragon Riders Legion of Honor
(708) 670-9186
1200-19.2k HST

FidoNet 1:115/670

Thank you for your support.

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