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Buerg's tiny bakup utility.
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Buerg’s tiny bakup utility.
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JLH Command

Function: To invoke Tall Tree's JET utility to copy files from
every directory on one drive to another drive.

Usage: JLHs:[\path] [t:] [options]

Remarks: The s: parameter specifies the source drive. The t: parameter
specifies the target drive and defaults to drive A.

The 'path' operand is optional. If omitted, all directories
on the source drive, beginning with the root directory, are
copied to the target drive. If 'path' is supplied, directories
beginning with the specified path are copied.

The 'options' are passed to the JET utility. None are

As each directory is processed, the JET command is displayed.
You may terminate JLH by pressing the ESCape key at any time.


o Copy all from all directories on drive C to floppy drive A,
on to as many diskettes as needed:

JLH C: A: /D

o Restore all files from the diskettes in drive A: to drive C:
for the subdirectory called TEST


o Copy all files in all subdirectories from drive C to drive D
with the mandatory option:

JLH C: D: /M

Written for the IBM PC using DOS 2.0 or later.

Requires at most 64k plus JET's requirements.

Copyright Vernon D. Buerg, 1986. For personal use.
Version 1.07, Aug 1, 1986.

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