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A program to perform a quick warm-boot and leave system intact.
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A program to perform a quick warm-boot and leave system intact.
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FAST BOOT - (C) 1989 Microsystems Software, Inc. (508) 626-8511
Fax:(508) 626-8515
REV. 1.10 8/24/90 BBS:(508) 875-8009

$10/copy to Microsystems Software, Inc.
600 Worcester Road
Framingham, MA 01701

FB is ShareWARE and as such, You are entitled to "try" it for a reasonable
period of time (~30 Days) and if you find it useful, you should send $10
per computer installation to MSI at the above Address.

Written by Ratko V. Tomic - CodeRunneR & PDK author (C Language TSR Library)

Fast Boot is a TSR that may be placed anywhere in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file
or run as a COM program at any time that you wish. It writes the then
current state of the machine, memory, vectors etc. to a disk file called
C:\WBOOT.IMG At any time, you may type CTRL-ALT-R.Shift and quickly reBOOT
your system to the "EXACT" state it was in when FB.COM was executed. This
will dump any TSR's etc. which were loaded after FB.COM and bypass the normal
memory / hardware / config / floppy check junk that DOS normally puts you
through. This saves me about 4 hours in the average day.

In this new rev, You may specifiy a drive letter for the IMG.$$$ file, thus
if you have a RAM DISK, the Re-boot is almost instantaneous. Also, it will
now restore the video mode to text and blink state. Great to get out of
Games and other programs that have no Exit function.

FB is SHAREWARE and as such, MSI issues NO Warranty of any kind and will
disavow any knowledge of its existance unless you really like it.

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