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Excellent Computer logging facility. Logs actual Computer usage.
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Excellent Computer logging facility. Logs actual Computer usage.
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Contents of the README file

Thank you for your interest in

| ZLOG release 1.1 |

Almost the best log utility on the PC market today !

ZLOG is a log package for IBM PC family of computers. It logs everything that
you have done on your PC. It even log the time your PC was idle.

ZLOG is distributed as a shareware program or directly by the author. Most
recent shareware version can be found on Bob Machoney's EXEC PC bulletin board
at (414) 964-5160.

Both ZLOG.ZIP and diskette distributed by the author contain these three files:
README (this file), REGISTER (registration form) and ZL.EXE. ZLOG package is
compressed and packed into a single 'self-extracting' file ZL.EXE. Before you
do anything, please make a copy of ZLOG.ZIP or ZLOG distribution diskette and
store it in a safe place. ZLOG (diskette distributed to registered users) is
not copy protected, so you can use the DOS COPY command. To install ZLOG onto
your computer follow these steps:

1. Switch to the root directory on your hard disk (usually drive C).
Type: CD \

2. Create a temporary work subdirectory. Use any name (for example

3. Switch to that subdirectory. Type: CD \WORK

4. Insert your ZLOG distribution diskette into drive A or drive B

5. Type: A:ZL (or B:ZL if ZLOG distribution diskette is in drive B)

6. At this point ZL.EXE will self-extract these files:

INSTALL.COM installation program
ZLOG.COM main phase
ZLOG.DOC manual (User's Guide)
ZLOG.OVL overlay phase

and place them in temporary subdirectory \WORK

7. Print ZLOG.DOC (User's Guide). It is about 35 pages. Use any
word/text processor or simply type: PRINT ZLOG.DOC

8. Now you can install ZLOG. Type: INSTALL

9. INSTALL will ask you a few simple questions like:

- name of the log history file
- where to install (name of the subdirectory)
- about your printer
- setting some default options

All questions are really easy to answer. However installation
procedure is described in ZLOG User's Guide in detail. INSTALL will
put ZLOG.COM and ZLOG.OVL into subdirectory you specify.

10. That is all. You might want to copy INSTALL.COM to the subdirectory
where ZLOG is installed in case you want to change some of the
options later. If you do not put it there, you can repeat complete
installation procedure at any time later.

11. Now clean up your hard disk.

Remember: all the time your default subdirectory is \WORK.

Delete all files in temporary subdirectory \WORK.
Type: DEL [drive]:\WORK\*.*

Switch to the root directory. Type: CD \

Remove temporary subdirectory WORK. Type: RD \WORK

12. That is all. Follow instructions in ZLOG User's Guide how to
activate ZLOG.

If you have any comments or suggestions please do not hesitate to call or write.

Thank you.

Zoran Milenovic
P.O.Box 409311
Chicago, IL 60640
phone (312) 275-0029

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