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Unzip a directory of ZIP files each one into its own directory.

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FAST INFLATE v1.4 <----------- Try It!

Quickly uncompress all zip files in current
directory into seperate subdirectories.
Can now see files being unzipped in bottom
half of screen. *** FREEWARE ! ***
Supports automatic virus scanning.
Requires: Pkzip.exe
Requires: Scan.exe if scan option is used.

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Unzip a directory of ZIP files each one into its own directory.
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Contents of the FASTI.DOC file

Written by Brad Bahr 1994

Internet e-mail address: [email protected]

Fast Inflate is being Distributed as FREEWARE.
The most recent version of this program can always be found on:
Corpsoft BBS in Romeoville, Illinois at (815) 886-3233 or (815) 886-9381

You may use this program as long as you like, providing it is
not modified and then distributed in any way. Please feel free
to share this program with your friends and upload to your
favorite BBS's. I would appreciate it if you would upload
this program to as many BBS's as possible. Thanks.

By using this program the user agrees to the following terms:

The author of this program will not in any way be liable for
any damages caused by the use or misuse of this program.
This program is being provided as is with no warranty being
either expressed or implied. Use at your own risk.

Requires PkUnzip.exe & scan.exe
Put these programs in a directory listed in your path.

Program Description:

Fast Inflate is to be used to automatically Unzip all files with
the extension ZIP in the current directory. The contents of each
zip file will be put into it's own subdirectory.

How the program works:
1. The program will look for all filenames with the extension .ZIP
in the current directory.

2. When the first file is found, it's name will be read and stored
in a search record. A subdirectory will be created with the same
name as the zip file.

3. The contents of the zip file will be uncompressed into this

4. The program will then look for the next zip file and so on.

5. If you also want to scan the executable files contained in the
zip files, just type [ fasti scan ] or [ fasti s ]
When all the files are unzipped, scan.exe will scan all the files
in all the new directories created by fasti.
Scan will be executed as "scan /sub /nomem /bell".

Press the escape key at any time to cancel and return to dos.
When the program executes Pkunzip, it uses only the -n and -d
-n extracts only newer files. This way if you are in a directory
that you ran the program in before, it will just skip the files
that have already been extracted into a subdirectory.
-d restores the directory structure if any, that is storred in the
zip file.

Feel free to rename the program to something easier to type.
I use I.exe

Who needs it?
Anyone who calls BBS's
As soon as I exit my comm program I usually go to my download
directory and take a look at all the zip files I just downloaded.
Fast Inflate makes it simple to try out your new programs.
Just go to your download directory and type fasti to run the program.
All the programs will now be uncompressed into their own subdirectory
for you to look at or try out. If you decide to keep the programs
you can move them somewhere else or delete them if you don't like
them. After checking out new programs I usually move all the new zips
to my upload directory and leave my download directory empty for the
next time I call a BBS.

This program can also be used in a batch file so everything runs
automatically. Maybe something like this.

@echo off
fasti s
copy *.zip c:\qmodem\uploads
del *.zip

If you are using a dos shell, make sure you have enough memory to run
the scan program.

Try it out for yourself, I think you'll like how much easier it makes

This program is freeware for those who don't have any extra money for
registrations. Use the program as long as you like. If you are able to
make a small donation towards the development of more programs, please
see the file. If you have already made a donation for a
previous version of this program, it is not necessary to donate again.
Thank you.

Some names mentioned may be trademarks of their respective
copyright holders.


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