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Utility to correct PC clock drift.
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Utility to correct PC clock drift.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

TIMEADJ (TIME ADJust) is freeware. Anyone can use it as long as
they don't make money off of my work. Version 1.1a is dated and
copyrighted 8 APR 94.

This program develops and applies a correction factor that helps
compensate for the time drift that is normal in computers. This
correction factor can be developed using either a manual procedure
or by calling the atomic clock in Boulder, CO. A call to Boulder
will take about twenty seconds and cost less than a quarter. Once
a calibration factor has been established this program should keep
your computer's time to within one second/day.

Due to the different ways programs affect the clock it is normal
for the correction factor to change every time you perform an
AUTOCAL or MANCAL. The value will probably "bounce" around inside
a small range of values. On my system the correction factor has varied
between 9.0 and 9.7 seconds/day but the clock error per day is
consistently less than .5 seconds/day.

FEATURES: -TIMEADJ is not a TSR. It will run, apply the correction
factor, and then terminate itself.
-TIMEADJ automatically determines if Daylight Savings
Time has come into or gone out of use since the last
time the program was run and updates the computer's
clock accordingly. If Congress changes the rules on when
savings time is used I'll have to update the program!
-The functions of TIMEADJ can be invoked from a menu or
by using parameters on the command line, i.e. TIMEADJ APPLY.
The available functions are:
- - SETUP ask you for information and then creates the
two files that are needed to support TIMEADJ.
- - APPLY applies the correction factor to your computer's
clock. It can be run anytime from the DOS prompt however
the program will not do anything if it has been less than
one hour since the last time APPLY was run. This prevents
divide-by-zero errors.
- - AUTOCAL runs APPLY then dials Boulder, CO, gets time
from the atomic clock and updates the correction factor
- - MANCAL allows you to update the computer's clock manually
and then input how much error there was so the correction
factor can be updated.
-Running TIMEADJ with no parameters will display the menu

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: DOS version 3.3 or later (see Note 1)
Approx 80K of hard disk space.
A modem is desired but not required (accuracy will
be reduced if manual time updates are used to dev-
lop the correction factor)

Note 1. If you have an early version of DOS a program similar to ATCLK
can be used to set your computer's Date and Time from what DOS is using.
Run that program after you update the computer's time.


directory first. Otherwise the program will not find the two auxiliary files,
even if they are in the path.

Run TIMEADJ SETUP first to create the two support files needed by the program.
If you are calling from overseas or need to add an access code to
the phone number see the note at the end of this file.

If you have a modem, run TIMEADJ AUTOCAL to set the computer' clock.

If you do not have a modem, set your computer to the most accurate time you

If you ran TIMEADJ AUTOCAL re-run TIMEADJ SETUP again. When you ran AUTOCAL
an invalid correction factor was created. Running SETUP again will zero
it out. An alternative is to edit the TIMEADJ.DAT file and change the
correction factor to 0. The correction factor is the 5th field.

In your Autoexec.bat file add two lines:
cd\timeadj (or whatever directory the program is in)
timeadj apply

By placing TIMEADJ APPLY in your autoexec.bat file the correction factor
will be applied each time your computer is started. Since the program
tracks when the correction factor is applied, it will only apply the correct
amount, i.e. If it has been 12 hours since you last started your computer
half the correction factor will be applied. If it has been two days then
double the factor will be applied.

After three days or so run AUTOCAL again, or if using another time source, run
MANCAL. The three days is not critical but you should wait at least one

After another three days or so run AUTOCAL or MANCAL again. Wait a week this
time and run again. By now your calibration factor should be able to
keep your computer's clock within one second a day. Since some programs
can slow down your computer's clock it is recommended that you run
AUTOCAL or MANCAL every month or so. The program will remind you when
30 days have elapsed since the last update of the correction factor.


When you create the configuration file answer NO to the question about
living in the 303 area code area. Once you have created the CFG file,
use a text editor to modify it to meet your needs. Simply insert the
required numbers before the 1-303-494-4774. If a pause is required to
allow for system transfers use a comma. For example, if you need to dial
9 to access a commercial line then change the number entry to read:


The two commas will provide about a four second delay to allow your
system to connect to the outside line.

There is none. With all of the system and modem configurations out there
it is impossible to cover all of the bases. If the program doesn't dial
correctly I suggest that you tweak the modem string in the TIMEADJ.CFG file.
I know it's not much support but you get what you pay for!


Version 1.0 Basic Program, dated 23 Jan 94.
Version 1.1 dated 12 Mar 94. Deletes requirement to accept or reject the
time update generated by running AUTOCAL. Program now automatically
accepts the time update.
Versions 1.0a and 1.1a dated 8 Apr 94. Corrects a problem with the
transition to Daylight Savings Time. The time difference between
local time and GMT must now be entered using the value for the stan-
dard time. The use of Daylight Savings Time value is not allowed.
I apologize for any inconvenience these bugs may have caused.

If you have any suggestions concerning this program please contact me
on GENIE (R.Albright1) or write me at:

Ray Albright
111 SW 74th Apt D
Oklahoma City, OK 73139

But you better do it quick. I'm moving to Saudi Arabia the end of April
and GENIE is expensive from over there!

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