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Small, <1K conventional RAM, on-screen clock program.
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Small, <1K conventional RAM, on-screen clock program.
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Association of
. Professionals


This is a nice, small, clock display utility which will display a running
24 hour in the upper right-hand corner of screen. When loaded, it takes only
1K of conventional memory.

To load the program, simply go to DOS, then type:


this will load the program, which is a TSR (Terminate, but Stay Resident).

Some people feel nervous about installing TSR's, but I've tested this little
gem with big systems, small systems, stand-alone, and networked. I've yet to
encounter any problems with it. It's been tested on DOS 2.1 thru DOS 5.0.
The reason people tend to get fussy about TSRs is usually for one of two
reasons. Either the TSR consumes a lot of memory (this one is just over 1 K!,
actually 1040 bytes), or they hog the system performance (read STEAL more
than their fair share of the computer's brainpower).

With that, let me throw in the standard disclaimer: I will not be subject to
any loss, real or imagined, through the use of this program, or it's inability
to work, or with something that cancels its operation. There, now the lawyer
should be happy!

If you continue to use the program, and I can't imagine why you wouldn't,
would you PLEASE register it by sending me $5 to the address below. At least
drop me a postcard from your city. I've written many programs, released many
as Shareware, but I'm not terribly happy with the response of the users.
(I know you're out there, I can hear you breathing....)
After all, you work for a living, wouldn't you expect more than the little
five dollars for all that you do?

Now, the address:
Dean Mires
c/o Total Resource Specialists
P.O. Box 3632
Silver Spring, Maryland 20918-3632

Compute in Good Health!

P.S. You may also contact me via my CompuServe id # [76537,1673]

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