Dec 262017
New version of ZipKit updated for DOS 5.0.
File ZIPKIT0A.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Utilities for DOS and Windows Machines
New version of ZipKit updated for DOS 5.0.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CHKZIP.EXE 19248 11223 deflated
CLNZIP.EXE 20160 11577 deflated
REZIP.EXE 28496 15592 deflated
SNGLCMNT.EXE 78352 39388 deflated
TOZIP.EXE 29200 15657 deflated
WHATSNEW.TXT 498 242 deflated
ZIPCOMNT.EXE 19056 11006 deflated
ZIPKIT0A.DOC 11601 3657 deflated

Download File ZIPKIT0A.ZIP Here

Contents of the WHATSNEW.TXT file

{ 10/10/91 }
All programs updated for MS DOS 5.0
Minor alterations on SNGLCMNT to correct path problems.
{ 05/22/90 }

This program no longer attempts to convert .ARC files contained in ZIP
collections to the ZIP format.


This program now attempts to convert all compression techniques known to
it to the ZIP format.

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