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Dump interrupt vector and address tables to a text file.
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Dump interrupt vector and address tables to a text file.
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Contents of the DVECT.DOC file


DVECT answered a need for a utility that could dump the interrupt
vectors from the vector table in low memory.

DVECT is a full screen vector dump program that responds to the keyboard
for scrolling through the table and examining different vectors. In
addition to being powerful, DVECT will present a descriptive message for
most of the documented or supported interrupt vectors. Reserved vectors
are marked as such, with all others listed as 'UNDEFINED'.

DVECT will display all of the software interrupt vectors from 0x00 to
0xFF. A sample screen from the program is included below. In addition
to the description and seg:off address of the handler for each vector,
the actual seg:off address of the table entry itself is given to save
you some trouble on address conversion.

DVECT responds to the following keys from the keyboard:

Q, q, ^C, ESCexit from DVECT

Up Arrow, Left Arrowscroll up one vector

Dn Arrow, Right Arrowscroll down one vector

HOMEreturns to the top of the vector table

ENDgoes to the bottom of the vector table

PgUPmoves up one page in the table (16 vectors)

PgDOWNmoves down one page (16 vectors)

All keys can be cancelled by simply typing another key. This can be
helpful if you accidently hit END and don't want to wait for the scrolling
to finish.

I hope that you find utility for this program, and that it makes your
debugging tasks more paletable.

Interrupt Vector Table Hex Dump Vectors 0x00 - 0xFF
(C) Copyright 1986 Chad Royal MS-DOS Version 3.10

Vector Vector Description Table Addr Handler Addr

00 Divide by Zero Exception Vector 0000:0000 1D81:13A9
01 Single Step Debugging Vector 0000:0004 0070:01F0
02 Non-Maskable / Parity Vector 0000:0008 F000:E2C3
03 Breakpoint Debugging Vector 0000:000C to 0070:01F0
04 Arithmetic Overflow Exception 0000:0010 Scroll 0070:01F0
05 BIOS Print Screen 0000:0014 140C:0D53
06 Reserved Vector 0000:0018 F000:FF47
07 Reserved Vector 0000:001C F000:FF47
08 Timer Tick / Hardware Vector 0000:0020 139E:0169
09 Keyboard Handler Vector 0000:0024 to Exit 139E:0111
0A Reserved Vector 0000:0028 F000:E6DD
0B Alternate Async Comm Handler 0000:002C F000:E6DD
0C Primary Async Comm Handler 0000:0030 F000:E6DD
0D CRT Retrace Vector 0000:0034 C800:039A
0E Disk Drive Handler Vector 0000:0038 F000:EF57
0F Printer Control Vector 0000:003C 0070:01F0
10 Video I/O Handler Vector 0000:0040 F000:F065

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