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Keyrate lets you adjust both the repeat rate and delay of your keyboard.
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Keyrate lets you adjust both the repeat rate and delay of your keyboard.
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Contents of the KEYRATE.DOC file

DOCS for KeyRate

0. Contents...........................................1
1. Introduction.......................................1
2. About the Authors..................................1
3. The Warrenty.......................................1
4. The Shareware Concept..............................1
5. How to Buy Keyrate.................................2
6. Why you Should Buy Keyrate.........................2
7. How to Contact CSS.................................2
8. How to Use Keyrate.................................2
9. Source Code Availability...........................2

1. Introduction
Keyrate is a shareware program that lets you adjust both the
repeat rate and delay of your keyboard. In other words, with
Keyrate you can change how long you have to hold down a key to
get it to repeat, and how fast it will repeat.

2. The Authors
Keyrate was written by Ken Ostrin and John Schofield. Ken
and John, both college freshmen, have been friends since high

school. They comprise two thirds of the software firm Creative
Software Solutions. The third member, Carey Klenetsky,
collaborates with one or both of them on many projects, but not
on this one. Creative Software Solutions is dedicated to
producing the cheapest and best software possible, and to having
fun doing it. We have had lots of fun writing this program, and
we hope you have fun using it!

3. The Warrenty
Keyrate is provided AS IS without any warranty, expressed or
implied. This includes without limitation the fitfulness to a
particular purpose or application and any warranties of
merchantability. Creative Software Solutions (Ken Ostrin, Carey
Klenetsky, and John Schofield) shall not be liable for any
damages, whether direct, indirect, special, or consequential
arising from a failure of this program or accompanying files to
operate in a manner desired by the user (any person who uses
Keyrate). Creative Software Solutions (Ken Ostrin, Carey
Klenetsky, and John Schofield) shall not be liable for any damage
to data or property which may by caused directly or indirectly by
use of this program. In no event will Creative Software
Solutions (Ken Ostrin, Carey Klenetsky, and John Schofield) be
liable for any damages, including lost profits, lost savings or
other incidental or consequential damages arising out of the user's
use or inability to use Keyrate, or for any claim by any other

4. The Shareware Concept
Shareware is an innovative marketing concept. What it
offers is twofold; to you it offers great software at fabulously
low prices that you can "try before you buy." To us, it offers
the chance to sell software without having to invest heavily in
marketing and distribution. How does shareware work? Well, we
distribute our software, mainly through shareware houses and
Bulletin Board Systems. People (like you) get our software and
try it out at home, without paying a cent to the authors! Then,
if they find that after a reasonable period of time they are
using the product regularly, they are both morally and legally
obligated to pay for it. This period of time is one month with
Keyrate. If you use keyrate for longer than one month, you
should pay us for our work. Else we won't be able to continue
turning out great programs! Something you should realize is that
when you buy a program from a shareware distributor, we don't get
any of that money. You have simply paid for the disk and the
effort the distributor made in getting the program. You are
still obligated to pay us for our work.

5. How to Buy Keyrate
You can buy Keyrate for the bargain price of $7 (in
California, add 8.25% sales tax). Mail your check or money order
(no cash or credit cards please) to:

Creative Software Solutions
P.O. Box 571312
Tarzana, CA 91357

6. Why You Should Buy Keyrate
Well, aside from the spiritual and legal benefits that I
outlined in part 4, you get several material benefits. Among these
are 10% off of any of our other products, free updates for a period
of one year, free technical support, and the knowledge that you
helped keep two young kids in college and writing programs
instead of flipping burgers.

7. How to contact us
You can contact us at the above address, or look at the
included file CONTACT.CSS for details on how to contact us
through other methods. If you have any questions, comments, or
suggestions please contact us! We love to hear from people who
are using our programs, (whether they are registered or not) and we
always write back!

8. How to use Keyrate
Keyrate is generally self explanatory. You can use Keyrate
either in command-line or full-screen mode. To use Keyrate in
command-line mode, simple enter:


at the DOS prompt. SPEED can be a number from 0 to 31, with 0
being the fastest, and DELAY can be a number from 0 to 3, with 0
being the fastest. Therefore, to set the keyboard to the fastest
repeat rate and the shortest delay, enter:

C:\> KEYRATE 0 0

at the DOS prompt. To use Keyrate in full-screen mode, just


at the DOS prompt. Then you can either use the left and right
arrow keys to adjust the speed or the up and down arrow keys to
adjust the delay. Since we were a little short on space on the
screen, you can only adjust the speed in increments of two.
However, you can still enter any speed, because if you go all the
way to one end of the speed scale and then "loop around," it will
be on the odd numbers. If you "loop around" again, it will be on
the even numbers.

Roughly a little to the left of the center of
the screen you will see two numbers. They look like this:

S=27, D=2

with a box around them. These are the current speed and delay
settings. Once you find the setting you like, you can write them
down and just use the command-line to set them to your preference.
To test your settings, you can type anything you want in the "test
box" at the bottom of your screen.

9. Source Code Availability
Source Code for many CSS products is available upon request.
Contact us for prices and availability.

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