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Undelete deleted files. A must have utility.
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Undelete deleted files. A must have utility.
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Purpose:This command will undelete files which were
accidentally deleted (with exceptions noted below).
Requires PC-DOS versions 2.0 or 2.1.

Format:UNDEL [/a] filename.ext

Options:/a is for use with ASCII text files. The program
will stop and request verification that the cluster it
has found is really part of your file.

Remarks:This ONLY works under the following conditons:
1) the diskette you are trying to recover the file
from has had relatively few deletes (diskettes that have
had a lot of traffic gnerally have tangled FAT's that
make it difficult to reconnect the original clusters).
2) there have been no intervening writes to the disk
3) you have not performed a wildcard delete resulting
multiple file deletions.

If any of the above are true, it can't hurt to try
UNDEL, especially if it is a text file you are trying
to recover. You could end up with a portion of your
file (which is more than you had before). You might
consider using something like Norton Utilites too...
it might help you recover more of the file (it will be
a lot of work too!)

The user of this utility should take note that this
version of the utility only works on PC-DOS, and
may not work on generic MS-DOS systems. Also, it
only works on files stored on diskette.

Utility:Steve Holzner, PC Magazine April 2, 1985

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