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PcConnect archive-file Copy/View utility program.
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PcConnect archive-file Copy/View utility program.
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Contents of the PCCARK.DOC file

An ARC-File Copy/Lister
Drue Kennon & Gary Smith

PCCARK was written because of a need to reduce the size of an
arc file viewer for use with PcConnect. We added to this the
abiltiy to create a new arcfile and copy selected files from
within an arc file into this new file. This ability is limited
to copying files from only one archive into the new archive. We
have not attempted to write another merge utility like Tom
Henderson's MARC.

Often it is desirable to create a listing of all the files
contained in your numerous arcfiles as a quick reference. PCCARK
provides that ability.

Enough of what it will and won't do, here's how it works.

PCCARK alone will cause the program to display a short help
screen on the usage features. They are as follows.

c:>pccark [ . . . . ]

In Which: is the ARChive we get our files from, and
is the ????????.arc file we move files to or
the text file to receive arcfile listing.
is/are the file(s) we should copy.

can be in the form of a list file named << PCCARK.LST >>
which contains the names of the files found in you wish copied
into . PCCARK.LST must be specified on the command line.
No default check for this file is attempted.

If no is/are given, a listing of files contained
in is assumed, and if IS specified, it is assumed.
to be the file name to receive the arcfile listing. Otherwise the
listing go to standard out (screen).

c:>PCCARK prints the above screen basically

c:>PCCARK MYARC.ARC produces a screen listing of the files in myarc.


Produces a listing of myarc and the listing is written to myarc.lst
on disk. If the listfile exists it is appended with the new list.


The file pccark.lst is used to supply a list of files contained in
myarc.arc that we will copy into the created arcfile newarc.arc.
The pccark.lst file should look like this...

...........more files

PCCARK.lst is the only list-file name allowed.

c:>PCCARK MYARC.ARC NEWARC.ARC myfile1.c myfile3.c myfiles.h

The files < myfile1.c myfile3.c myfiles.h > will be copied from
myarc.arc into the created newarc.arc file.

It's just that simple.

As always when I code for dealing with archive files, my thanks go
to Gary Conway and Infinity Design Concepts for his documentation
on NARC, and to Tom Henderson for his pioneering work in the ARChive
file field.

PCCARK.exe will currently recognize and deal with the 9 known methods
of file storage. 1=Storing - Squishing - Crunching - 9=Squashing.

Who knows, .... Storquishrunchquashing may be next in line.


Send no money for PCCARK even if you do like it. Just say a silent
thankx and call the board no and then. Take part in the programming
discussions etc... and generally help someone else learn what you know.

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