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Utility to put your XT/Clone into Turbo speed via Autoexec.bat.
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Utility to put your XT/Clone into Turbo speed via Autoexec.bat.
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(C) Copyright 1986 by The Skunk Works

Most of the "Turbo clones" I've seen include some form or another
of the ERSO Bios. The predominant feature of this Bios, is that it
allows you to toggle the CPU speed from 4.77 Mhz to 8 Mhz by hitting
. Great feature.... Unfortunately, it turns the
cursor into an ugly little block. BOOST can be executed (ideally in
an AUTOEXEC.BAT file) to enable the Turbo mode, without affecting the
cursor. (CRAWL will slow the speed back to 4.77 Mhz.)
BOOST & CRAWL have no effect on Turbo motherboards hard-wired to the
higher speed via the J5 & J6 jumpers; in other words, if your motherboard
uses the J6 option, it can't be slowed down via software. BOOST seems to
have no effect on non-turbo boards, although we don't recommend its use
on anything but your basic Taiwanese Turbo-clone.

BOOST is independent of the ERSO bios. In fact, the main reason
we wrote it is two-fold: 1) we wanted to replace the ERSO bios with a
better bios (but one without the ( <-> feature), and 2) we had
an old multifunction board whose real-time clock wouldn't update the Date &
Time correctly, if booted in Turbo mode. Rather than have to fiddle with
a hardware switch, we use BOOST in our AUTOEXEC file AFTER the GETTIME

BOOST & CRAWL are "Beggarware"....and are completely public domain.
Copy them, give em away, flush em down your toilet if you like. However,
if you feel so inclined as to donate 6 bucks to an unworthy cause, mail
a check to the people & address below. They'll send you a disk of
public domain utilities targeted for clone & turbo clone users. Included
will be versions of BOOST & CRAWL without our disgusting advertisement...

Missing Link Computers
P.O. Box 9865, San Jose, Ca, 95157

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