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Recursive dir change & execute DOS commands.
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Recursive dir change & execute DOS commands.
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Contents of the GDIR.DOC file

GDIR v. 1.5 (c) 1987 Frontier Technology
Public Domain Edition

GDIR 1.5 (PD) simply does a 43-line directory on a Hercules or compatible
monochrome graphics card. Syntax to invoke GDIR is identical to that for the
DOS DIR command. Approximately 250 files can be displayed on each page. To end
the display and return to DOS, strike any key.

The commercial version of GDIR allows copy, move, delete, view, execute,
and attribute modify operations, and optionally shows file sizes, dates etc.
GDIR may be resident; if so, DOS subsequently runs in 43-line mode on the
Hercules card, and is available from within any other applications. EGA and
VGA are fully supported, as is OS/2 protected mode operation.

To obtain your registered copy of GDIR 2.0 along with full printed doc-
umentation and notification of updates, send $20.00 check or money order to:

Frontier Technology
P.O. Box 11161
Overland Park, KS 66211

You are encouraged to use and distribute GDIR 1.5 (PD), provided the program
is not modified in any way. Distribution must be in the form of GDIR.ARC,
which must include the file you are reading (GDIR.DOC). You are specifically
prohibited from distributing the program without GDIR.DOC.

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