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Zip erase utility.
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Zip erase utility.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

ZIPER ZIP ERase Utility Version 1.10

ZIPER was created because of the many nights I had to go through my
sub-directories with PC Tools determining which files I needed to delete
and which I needed to keep.

It's basic function is to go through the specified ZIP file and
attempt to delete all entries that exist in it in the current directory. I
have found it very useful after checking out downloaded files and then
determining that they are worthless and thus need to be deleted.

ZIPER is SHARE compatible and will not delete any file that has a lock
on it and opens the working ZIP file in DENYALL mode so that no other
access will be allowed while ZIPER is processing.

ZIPER is straightforward and easy to use. It follows the PKZIP &
PKUNZIP look and feel for easy learning. Due to it's simplicity at this
point (and due to my laziness) written documentation is not needed, but is
forthcoming in future releases. Just start ZIPER without any arguments and
help will be displayed.

Revision History:

1.00 :
o Initial Release

1.10 :
o Ability to Delete files from self-extracting ZIP
files, simply start ZIPER with the name of the
self-extracting ZIP file. (ZIPER TEST.EXE)
o Confirm delete mode (-C) will only delete files
after prompting the operator
o Report mode (-R) will list the files that will be
deleted if ZIPER is run in regular mode
o Override mode (-O) will not check that a files
date stamp, time stamp and file size match (ZIP to

Planned future enhancements:

o Multiple disk ZIP file access
o Whatever else comes to mind and whatever gets suggested

I have tested the functioning of this program on my machine and
configuration without any problems. However if you should run into any
problems running it, I would like to know. Also if you have and
suggestions or comments, they are always welcomed (CompuServe 74365,757,
The BOSS 201-568-7293 "Joseph Moor").

I'm just starting out in the PC software community with many plans for
useful programs in the future. If you have a problem, or an idea for a
program that you would like to see written, drop me a line.

Thanks and enjoy ZIPER (Lets give PK a boost in making ZIP the de facto

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