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Makes simple labels for your FastBack backup disks.
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Makes simple labels for your FastBack backup disks.
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* *
* FastBack Labeling System *
* *
* ShareWare *
* BY *
* Rick McIndoe *
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(Copyright 1989)

FastBack Labeling System (FBL) is a program designed to
print labels for back up disks. I use FastBack Plus to back up
my hard disk, but it can be real tedious making labels for all
your disks (especially if you use 360K disks). So instead of
handwriting 60-100 labels, I wrote this program to do it for you.
The labels are single line form feed 3 1/2" by 15/16. You may have
to play around with the alignment of you printer so that it starts
off at the top of the first label. I have recently tried to print
labels on an HP Laserjet Series II and it does work but it's not
real convenient. You will have to get the SHEET of labels cut
right to get them to look nice. If you cut about a quarter inch
off of each end and feed the labels manualy it will work. You will
have to turn the sheet around and feed it through again since it
only prints on the left side of the labels. The program was
written for a dot matrix printer so there wasn't a need to add form
feed codes at the end. For this reason, if you decide to try this
on the laserjet you will need to hit the form feed after the first
set of labels.
Type "FBL" at the DOS prompt to get things started. The
program will prompt you for the information to be printed on the
label. It is a simple multiple choice program. Once you have
finished answering the questions it will show you a sample label
on the screen before it prints and ask you if everything is ok. If
not, answer "N"o and you will then be prompt for what you want to
change. After you are finished it will show you one more time to
make sure everything is ok and then.........the labels will start.
I hope you find this proram to be useful. There is no guarantee
or warranty expressed or implied. This is just a program written
in hopes of making life a little easier. You may give this program
to anyone you want, all I ask is that all the files be sent with

If you decide that you do like the program a donation of any kind
would be appreciated. All comments are welcome. Send them to:

Rick McIndoe
3420 NW 54th Terr.
Gainesville, FL 32606

Have fun.

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