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Dump file in HEX/ASCII.
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Dump file in HEX/ASCII.
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Contents of the DUMP.DOC file

DUMP 1.1

Copyright (c), 1985
By Eric A. Erickson
4306 Wakefield Drive
Annandale, Virginia 22003

Well here is my first contribution, but not my last by any means, to
the world of Public Domain software. I needed a fast and easy to use
program to dump a binary file to my screen, printer or another file.
DUMP is the result.

Dump is a general file dumping utility. It will dump a file in either
hexadecimal (default), octal or decimal format.

The syntax for DUMP is:

dump {-XxOoDd} filename


{-XxOoDd} - are the optional format specification parameters. Only the
first character after the dash is examined to determine
the format to use. The legend for the format options is:

X or x - format in hexadecimal
O or o - format in octal
D or d - format in decimal

filename - required parameter specifying the DOS pathname of the file
to be dump.

That's about it. Error messages are self-explanatory. Hope this
utility can be useful.

DUMP is (c) Copyright 1985 by Eric Erickson, but hereby released to
the public domain for private non-commercial use. It may be freely
copied and distributed as long as no fee is charged for either the
copying or distribution.

An exception to the above is, however, granted to recognized user's
groups, which are hereby authorized to charge a small amount (not to
exceed $5.00) for media, postage and handling.

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