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Changes year on the fly, allows running of "expired" programs.
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Changes year on the fly, allows running of “expired” programs.
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Contents of the WARP.DOC file

WARP: The Ultimate Time Changing Utility.

Description: Warp will allow you to change the year forward or back,
as many years as you want to go, in either direction.

Reasoning: Warp is meant as a simple solution to 'expired' programs.
If a door, or program you would like to use expires, you can
just warp back a year and run it, and when you are done warp
back to the present, and continue with your business.

Commands: Usage of warp is simple, and quick.
WARP + will warp you forward one year in time.
WARP - will warp you back one year.

If you try anything else, you'll look marginally more foolish
than the cab driver I once saw in NYC, whose taxi was adorned
with a bumper sticker proclaiming "Beam Me Up, Spock."

Usage: You can use it in a batch file, its really simple..
for example, if you want to run something last year, do this:

Echo Off
Warp -
Program.exe <---- (run anything here)
Warp +

Disclaimer: There is no reason for you to have to blame me, there is nothing
this program can damage. You can make backups before you run it
if you don't believe me. The source is included, so have fun.
Use it as you please, I don't care.

Other Junk: If you like this program don't send me money. Call my BBS and let
me know you like WARP. Think of all the money you could spend
registering all those expired programs, just to try them out!
phone calls aren't THAT expensive!

My System: World Wide Data Exchange
Phone: 203-226-3565
FidoNet: 1:141/235

Warp was written in Turbo Pascal 5.0 By Joshua Trupin on July 6, 1989
Documentation by Ron Sansone, shortly thereafter.

PS- If you want to go back 10 years, just run it 10 times.
MAKE sure you warp back! You might get some mean errors!

(BinkleyTerm says: ? Date Roll-over problems?)

thanks for using this program.

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