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CVT version 2.2. Convert to-from almost any type of archive compression.
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CVT version 2.2. Convert to-from almost any type of archive compression.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

CVT (tm) - QUICK START March 31, 1990

You can get a quick feel to see if CVT (tm) is really what it is
claimed to be. Don't bother with the documentation right now. Just
follow this simple set of instructions, and see how easy it will be
for you to check for viruses and/or convert the format of your
archived files from now on:

1) Install an ANSI device driver (the CVT (tm) program files
use various ANSI ESCape codes). If you have a color
monitor, you probably already have such a device driver
installed. Monochrome users MUST ALSO INSTALL such a
device driver through a line in your CONFIG.SYS file in
order for CVT (tm) program files to work properly.

Example: device=c:\dos\ansi.sys

Any ANSI device driver such as ANSI.SYS, FANSI.SYS,
NANSI.SYS, ZANSI.SYS, etc. will work just fine.

2) Copy the program file called "CVT.COM" into any
subdirectory that is designated as part of your PATH

Example: copy c:\dostools

3) Make sure that all of your archival compression programs
are in any other subdirectory, or the even same one.

Example: copy pkzip.exe c:\archives

NOTE: You must have pkzip.exe and pkunzip.exe
----- in order to operate the .ZIP file comment
.LOG writing function and the comment
stripping function.

4) To scan for viruses, you will need to copy the McAfee
Associates virus scan program called "SCAN.EXE" into the
same subdirectory as the archival compression programs.

Example: copy scan.exe c:\archives

5) Copy the following files in that same subdirectory:


Example: copy cvt!.com c:\archives
copy cvt!.dat c:\archives
copy cvt!!.bat c:\archives
copy cvt!!!.com c:\archives

6) Upon execution, CVT.COM will prompt you to enter the name
and drive designation for the subdirectory mentioned above.
This is one of many error handling features. In actual
operation, you will want to set it yourself by using the
DOS SET command as part of your AUTOEXEC.BAT file.

Example: At the CVT.COM prompt enter:




It would probably be a good idea to enter it manually now,
just to make sure that you have enough environment space.

7) If you've followed all of the instructions carefully, you
will soon see why CVT (tm) is the best archive file virus
checking and/or format conversion utility.

8) Read the following "NOTE" and enter CVT to be prompted by
the reminder menu.

NOTE: If you do not have PKPAK.EXE by PKWare, don't try
----- to convert TO the .ARC format during this quick
test. The program documentation will show you how
you can substitute another program in the
"CVT!.DAT" file later.

As a precaution, just do a few archives, and make
sure that you have backup copies of them.

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