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Will quickly format floppy disks. Claims in less then 3 seconds.
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Will quickly format floppy disks. Claims in less then 3 seconds.
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FAST FORMAT - Version 1.0
By Miguel Angelo Vitorino
With special thanks to CATS-BBS 005229048/9 ( PORTUGAL )

One of the problems i faced with my computer was ocasional failures with
my drives . This problem is serious if , as i do , usually deal with many new
software . So , often i had to re-format my floopies but due to the failures
in the drives this was a dangerous task . The solution to this problem was
very easy : to make a program that formats floopies logically - not fisically
! As a result of that i usually format a drive in as few as :

******** 3 ( THREE ) SECONDS ! *******

When those problems with the drives were fixed i continued to use this
program often because of this extremely fast speed ( no , i haven't a
386-based machine but an ordinary XT ) . I think that you apreciate this
programming jewel as much as i do .

This sintax is very simple :

FFORMAT drive: [/v] ; where "drive:" is the drive to be formatted and
"/v" ( optional ) means that a label will be asked
for that floopy .

Note that all kind of floopies are supported : 360K, 720K , 1.2M and
1.44M and this program only works with floopies that were formatted at least
ONE TIME fisically ( by DOS command "FORMAT" or other ) . You are free to
distribute this program with all your friends but if you think that "FFORMAT"
is really FAST ! , easy to operate , bug-free and useful , you can send a
little contribution of $5 would be apreciated and would be an incentive for
me to deliver some of my little but usefuls routines i have . Any
contributions or sugestions should be addressed to :

Miguel Vitorino
Rua Camilo Castelo Branco ,7,R/C
2675 Odivelas

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